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NAB 2012 Press Conference: Lighting Products Dennis Jackstien, Product Manager of Lighting for Film & Location discusses the latest fixtures and ballasts like the M40, AS18 and highspeed ballast.
NAB 2012 Press Conference: Lighting Suspension Systems ARRI Inc.'s Michael Keppler discusses custom suspension, control and dimmer integration for a wide array of applications.
NAB 2012 Press Conference: Update on the L-Series ARRI's Platform Manager, Ryan Fletcher gives us an update on the L-Series. Since their release one year ago, the fixtures are now an industry workhorse known for versatility, ease of use and best return on investment.
ARRI press conference at IBC 2011 (Part 4) Massimo Cecchini talks to the press about ARRI's new range of lighting suspension solutions, and the ARRI team takes questions from the audience. (Part 4 of 4).
ARRI press conference at IBC 2011 (Part 3) Ryan Fletcher presents the ARRI L-Series - a collection of efficient and versatile LED light fixtures - while Dr. Alexandra Musto discusses the innovations behind ARRI's unique, patented MAX Technology. (Part 3 of 4).
ARRI M40/25 and MAX Technology at IBC 2011 The latest fixture in ARRI's M-Series is presented by Stefan Schmidt. The M40/25 incorporates ARRI's unique and patented MAX Technology, which combines the advantages of a PAR and a Fresnel, and eliminates the need for spread lenses.
ARRI L-Series at IBC 2011 Ryan Fletcher presents the ARRI L-Series, a new generation of LED fixtures that is about to make a dramatic impact on the film and television lighting industries with its performance, versatility and cost efficiency.
The ARRI M18 Ballast Now the "Brightest HMI you can plug into the wall," (a single, 20A 120VAC electrical outlet on a single circuit), the M18 is a lensless, open face lighting fixture that combines the desired light distribution from the optics of a PAR and a Fresnel fixture. Here, ARRI shows you the unique technology behind the ballast that has made this light so successful.
HMI ballasts for high speed cinematography ARRI is pleased to introduce a new generation of 1000 Hz High Speed Ballasts that meet the challenges of modern high-speed digital photography with ease.The new 1000 Hz High Speed Ballasts make it simple to achieve high quality flicker-free images even at frame rates of 500–1000 fps and in many cases beyond, even with just a single HMI daylight source. 1000 Hz High Speed Ballasts are available for all wattages from 125 watts – 4000 watts.