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Bill Holshevnikoff on the ARRI Pocket Par Filmmaker Bill Holshevnikoff talks about how compact, low heat Pocket Pars provide a superior light that would previously have only been attainable with higher wattage lamps; they are ideal for close-ups or setups where space is limited. For day-to-day production the Pocket Pars offer superb punch and are invaluable for both direct lighting and for use with reflectors.
ARRI L-Series Showreel 2013 ARRI's L-Series line of LED Fresnels is based on a few core concepts: tuneability, color fidelity and quality. This video showcases the L-Series' unrivaled manufacturing process and its features, cost savings, and versatility in the field.
IBC 2013: ARRI L7-DT An introduction to the tuneable daylight L7-DT -- the latest fixture in ARRI's L-Series of LED Fresnel lights.
IBC 2013: ARRI M8 ARRI's Mike Wagner gives an overview of the 800 W M8, the latest fixture in the ARRI M-Series and the smallest lamphead to incorporate patented MAX Technology.
NAB 2013: Nueva Luces de ARRI, M90 y L7-TT Resumen por Jeffrey Reyes de la nueva luz LED de ARRI, L7-TT y M90.
NAB 2013: L7-TT Tuneable Tungsten The new L7-TT Tuneable Tungsten is over 20% brighter than the L7-C as a tuneable 2600 K - 3600 K tungsten version while maintaining the same size and weight. It offers the same calibrated color quality and adjustable green-magenta point as the L7-C, and is well suited to applications requiring precise color matching to conventional tungsten lampheads.
NAB 2013: M90 and Electronic Ballast 6000/9000 ARRI's Michael Wagner shows us the EB 6000/9000 along with the M90/60, an exciting fixture in a new power class at 9,000 W -- exactly half the wattage of the ARRIMAX and just over double the wattage of the M40/25.
ARRI LED Lighting Comparison We compared the L7 LED Fresnel and other competitor's products with the light quality of a 650W Plus Tungsten Fresnel. We found some surprising results in skin tone and color rendition. Shot on ALEXA, featuring actress Luciana Faulhaber
ARRI M90 Teaser Showing the new 9K power class for the award-winning M-Series.