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NAB 2012: Anamorphic Concept ARRI unveils an exciting development to advance anamorphic cinematography with the announcement of a line of anamorphic lenses to be fully disclosed at IBC this year.
NAB 2012 Reference Theater We get a peek inside the ARRI Reference Theater at NAB 2012. Inside are two Dolby PRM 4200 monitors - one a standard CRT monitor, the other is 6x brighter, demonstrating extended dynamic range. ARRI's Joseph Goldstone, Imaging Science Engineer explains the motivation behind the special space.
NAB 2012 Press Conference: Lighting Products Dennis Jackstien, Product Manager of Lighting for Film & Location discusses the latest fixtures and ballasts like the M40, AS18 and highspeed ballast.
NAB 2012 Press Conference: Lighting Suspension Systems ARRI Inc.'s Michael Keppler discusses custom suspension, control and dimmer integration for a wide array of applications.
NAB 2012 Press Conference: Update on the L-Series ARRI's Platform Manager, Ryan Fletcher gives us an update on the L-Series. Since their release one year ago, the fixtures are now an industry workhorse known for versatility, ease of use and best return on investment.
NAB 2012 Press Conference: ALEXA Workflow Henning Raedlein, Head of Digital Workflow Solutions, goes over the versatile options that ALEXA offers including the newly introduced ProRes 4:3, ProRes 2K and existing features like ARRIRAW, DNxHD and more.
NAB 2012 Press Conference: ALEXA Today and Tomorrow Marc Shipman-Mueller, ARRI's Product Manager of Camera & Lenses gives us an overview of the many possibilities available from the ALEXA camera family, including the ALEXA M, ALEXA Studio and released at NAB, the ALEXA Plus 4:3.
NAB 2012 Press Conference: Pro Camera Accessories Pro Camera Accessories (PCA) Product Manager Philip Vischer talks about the new offerings from ARRI, including the Universal Handgrip, Recorder/Battery Bracket and Camera Cage System for Nikon D4, D800 and Canon 5D Mark III.
Studio Follow Focus FF-5 A completely modular, film style follow focus system now available for digital productions. ARRI's Snehal Patel takes us through the many options afforded with this system.