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Experience ARRI at Cannes 2016 Highlights from ARRI’s presence at the 69th Cannes Film Festival.
Trailer for LIKE CRAZY, shot with ALEXA and SkyPanel Director Paolo Virzì's comedy drama film LIKE CRAZY (LA PAZZA GIOIA) tells the story of two women who abscond from a mental health clinic in Tuscany, setting out on a road trip together. Cinematographer Vladan Radovic AIC worked with ALEXA cameras and SkyPanel LED soft lights. 
SkyPanel Firmware 2.0 y EB 2.5/4 HS AutoScan (Español) Resumen de nueva tecnología de ARRI luces - LED y HMI.
ARRI Electronic Ballasts for High Speed Cinematography Florian Bloch, Head of Product Management at ARRI Lighting discusses ARRI's portfolio of electronic ballasts - including the new EB 2.5/4 HS AutoScan, designed for the 2.5 kW and 4 kW power classes.
SkyPanel FW 2.0's 10 powerful features ARRI's Mike Wagner discusses SkyPanel Firmware 2.0 which brings 10 new features and several refinements. This update is free of charge and can be installed on a SkyPanel quickly and easily, opening up new applications and providing an added level of control.
High-speed ballasts Take a tour of the features and benefits of ARRI’s new generation of high-speed ballasts, ensuring optimum light and image quality up to 1,000 fps and beyond.