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THE REVENANT trailer Cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki ASC, AMC used ALEXA 65 cameras and Prime 65 lenses to shoot around a quarter of THE REVENANT, directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu.
The best cameras for the best images ARRI offers a range of different camera models, providing the perfect solution for any production type or shot requirement. All of the cameras share ARRI’s unique combination of the highest image quality with the most efficient workflows on set and in post, which sets a gold standard for the industry.
ALEXA IBC 2015 show reel This latest ALEXA show reel, made for the 2015 IBC show, demonstrates the amazing range of visually stunning productions that choose to capture with ALEXA.
AMIRA IBC 2015 show reel Adopted by the industry as a camera of unsurpassed versatility, AMIRA is used on a wide variety of production types, including music videos, sports, TV series, documentaries, commercials and independent features.
ALEXA Mini Skaters Cinematographer Jason Hernandez uses the compact and lightweight ALEXA Mini to film skaters Mason Silva, Stefan Janoski and Guy Mariano, combining it with a 16 mm Ultra Prime and the 15.5-45 mm Alura LW Zoom.
Ultra Wide Zoom: perfect for VFX A short film highlighting the extraordinary optical qualities of the ARRI Ultra Wide Zoom UWZ 9.5-18/T2.9, including minimal distortion, even illumination and corner-to-corner sharpness.
HITMAN: AGENT 47, captured with ALEXA On HITMAN: AGENT 47, cinematographer Ottar Gudnason combined ALEXA XT cameras with Master Anamorphic lenses and Electronic Control System accessories. The production also used M-Series lighting fixtures and utilized dailies, VFX and other postproduction services from ARRI Media.
ALEXA in India A compilation of visually stunning productions using ALEXA cameras in India.
MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE -- ROGUE NATION trailer MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE -- ROGUE NATION was the first production to make use of the ALEXA 65 large format camera system. It was shot primarily with 35 mm film cameras by Robert Elswit ASC, but a major underwater sequence was captured with prototype ALEXA 65 cameras in special HydroFlex housings by Pete Romano ASC.