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Teaser trailer for FIRE AT SEA, captured with AMIRA Gianfranco Rosi won the Golden Bear at Berlinale 2016 for his documentary feature film FIRE AT SEA, which was captured with AMIRA and examines the European migrant crisis.
FIRE AT SEA press conference At a Berlinale 2016 press conference Gianfranco Rosi, who won the Golden Bear for FIRE AT SEA, discusses how important the ARRI AMIRA was on this powerful documentary about the European migrant crisis.
Impressions from the ARRI Lounge at Berlinale 2016 Impressions from the ARRI Lounge at Berlinale 2016 & Quotes by Tom Tykwer and Ben Verbong
ARRI Opening Night at Berlinale 2016 The Executive Board of ARRI AG give an interview about ARRI's presence at the Sony Center.
Trailer for CAROL, shot with the ARRIFLEX 416 Directed by Todd Haynes, CAROL was shot in the Super 16 format by cinematographer Ed Lachman ASC, who combined the ARRIFLEX 416 with an ARRI/ZEISS Master Zoom.
THIS IS ENGLAND '90 BTS -- using AMIRA Cinematographer Stuart Bentley discusses working documentary-style with the ARRI AMIRA camera on THIS IS ENGLAND '90, the final installment of director Shane Meadows' award-winning THIS IS ENGLAND series. 
SUNSET SONG, captured with ALEXA XT and 65 mm film On Terence Davies' epic film SUNSET SONG, cinematographer Michael McDonough ASC utilized an ALEXA XT Studio with ARRI/ZEISS Master Anamorphic lenses to capture studio scenes in ARRIRAW, and an ARRIFLEX 765 to shoot exteriors on 65 mm film.
AFTERGLOW Gaffer Mark Stuen takes ARRI M40 and M90 M-Series lights to remote mountain locations for the night-skiing short film AFTERGLOW from Sweetgrass Productions. Shot by Mike Brown, Nick Wolcott and Zac Ramras, the film was directed by Nick Waggoner and Brown.
Camerimage 2015: Yves Bélanger CSC At the 23rd Camerimage International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography in Bydgoszcz, Poland, ARRI speaks with DP Yves Bélanger, who captured with ALEXA cameras and Master Prime lenses on John Crowley’s BROOKLYN, nominated in the main competition.