Ford Spectacular Trailer For a new Ford campaign, director Kurt Mattila and DP Keith Dunkerley wanted to bring an epic, cinematic look to a series of Ford commercials shot with the ALEXA XT and Master Anamorphic lenses. 
IBC 2014 BIG SCREEN 1 - Lighting Lighting Product Manager Mike Wagner presents some of ARRI’s latest lighting fixtures and interviews set lighting gaffer Helmut Prein about his work with ARRI lampheads on Wes Anderson’s film THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL. 
IBC 2014 BIG SCREEN 2 - PCA, UWZ, AMIRA Marc Shipman-Mueller showcases ARRI’s Pro Camera Accessories, Electronic Control System and Ultra Wide Zoom, and interviews camera operator Susan Gibson about her experiences shooting a BBC wildlife documentary in Africa with the ARRI AMIRA.
IBC 2014 BIG SCREEN 3 - ALEXA XT Recent and forthcoming refinements of the ALEXA camera system are detailed by Marc Shipman-Mueller, including the new recording formats ProRes 4444 XQ and ProRes 3.2K, before Michael Cioni, CEO of U.S. post house Light Iron, discusses 4K workflows and deliverables with ALEXA.
IBC 2014 BIG SCREEN 4 - GAME OF THRONES Producer Greg Spence and cinematographer Robert McLachlan, ASC, CSC, explain how ALEXA has been instrumental in crafting the look of HBO’s smash-hit television series GAME OF THRONES. 
IBC 2014 BIG SCREEN 5 - ARRIRAW Multi award-winning cinematographer Phedon Papamichael, ASC, explains how recording in the ARRIRAW format makes sense for high-profile commercials, as well as for feature films. 
ECS - LDE-1 and lens table programming Hendrik Voss, Product Manager for ARRI’s Electronic Control System (ECS), introduces the Lens Data Encoder LDE-1 and explains how a new software update for the Wireless Compact Unit WCU-4 allows remote lens table programming.
ALEXA for UHD and 4K distribution Michael Cioni, founder and CEO of the U.S. post house Light Iron, discusses different ALEXA recording formats as well as 4K ALEXA workflows for big-screen movies.
PCA up in the air - Part 2 Adi Geisegger, an Austrian filmmaker who specializes in shooting spectacular extreme sports aerial footage, has used a variety of tools from ARRI’s range of camera-independent Pro Camera Accessories.