Silversun Pickups - Cannibal The Silversun Pickups' latest music video "Cannibal" drops the viewer right into an intense situation -- captured on ALEXA with Master Anarmophic lenses.
NAB 2014: Meet AMIRA ARRI's Markus Duerr, Product Manager of AMIRA gives us a tour of the highly-anticipated documentary-style camera.
AMIRA Image Film - City of God See the ARRI AMIRA capturing impromptu street scenes in Rio de Janeiro’s infamous City of God.
AMIRA Showreel - A Day in Rio The colorful sights of Rio de Janeiro, as captured by ARRI’s documentary-style camera, AMIRA. Directed by: Anja Bentzien, Cinematography by: Namche Okon
NAB 2014: ALEXA XT Continues Success ARRI's Product Manager Marc Shipman-Mueller shares exciting updates to the industry workhorse ALEXA XT.
NAB 2014: ARRIRAW Converter 3.0 Jan Heugel, from ARRI's Digital Workflow Solutions, outlines the new features offered in the free ARRIRAW Converter.
NAB 2014: Casey Warren and Danielle Krieger on ALEXA M and Movi Recently Director/DP Casey Warren and Director/Producer Danielle Krieger paired the Alexa M with the the Movi Freefly gyro stabilized gimbal to capture a touching short film called FROM 1994.
Ultra Wide Zoom aerial shoot The ARRI Ultra Wide Zoom UWZ 9.5-18/T2.9 is an exceptionally high-performing, distortion-free wide-angle zoom lens for the professional cine market. Cinematographer Bill Bennett, ASC, recently combined the UWZ with an ALEXA M on an aerial shoot in the skies above LA, using an MBB Bo 105 helicopter and Gyron gyro-stabilized mount from Wolfe Air Aviation.
NAB 2014: DP Bill Bennett ASC's Aerial Shoot with the Ultra Wide Zoom For the ARRI NAB Speaker Series, cinematographer Bill Bennett, ASC talked about using the Ultra Wide Zoom UWZ-1 on a spectacular helicopter shoot in Los Angeles.