Tech Talk: Viewing ALEXA Log C files in Media Composer 8.1 Working with ALEXA Log C ProRes and DNxHD material in AVID Media Composer 8.1. How to AMA link and transcode clips and apply external 3D LUT’s combined with CDL grading.
Tech Talk: Viewing AMIRA Log C files in Media Composer 8.1 Working with AMIRA Log C ProRes material in AVID Media Composer 8.1. How to work with AMIRA Look’s with custom 3D LUT’s combined with CDL grading.
Showreel: AMIRA This compilation of 13 projects shot with AMIRA, comprising a mix of camera tests and real-world shoots, reflects the broad range of productions on which AMIRA is utilized – from music promos and fashion films to documentaries and branded content.
JOHN WICK trailer Directed by Chad Stahelski and David Leitch, JOHN WICK was shot by cinematographer Jonathan Sela, who combined anamorphic with spherical lenses and captured with ALEXA XT in ARRIRAW to maximize image quality for a 4K cinema release. 
Tech Talk - SMB-1: The Tilting Matte Box Philip Vischer from ARRI explains the features of the ARRI Studio Matte Box SMB-1. These include the integrated tilt module; stackable filter stages; sunshade and mattes; anamorphic conversion set; advanced flag adjusters; 6” tilting filter ring; and top accessory mount.
ALEXA "ARRIRAW for all Budgets“ IBC 2014 Showreel This reel showcases commercials, feature films, anamorphic shoots and VFX-heavy projects captured all over the world with ALEXA in ARRIRAW. Some had big budgets and some small, but all recognized the benefits and production value of the uncompressed ARRIRAW format.
Behind the scenes: BIRDMAN Go behind the scenes with the cast and crew of BIRDMAN, captured on ALEXA M and ALEXA XT cameras from ARRI Rental in New Jersey.
WHITE BIRD IN A BLIZZARD trailer Captured on ALEXA, WHITE BIRD IN A BLIZZARD follows 17 year old Kat Connors (played by Shailene Woodley) as she deals with the sudden disappearance of her mother.
Watch: As You Were Captured on ALEXA, AS YOU WERE follows a young soldier who returns home with new robotic prosthetics to replace his arm and leg lost in battle.