Scott Duncan: in the moment with ALEXA

Emmy Award-winning director and DoP Scott Duncan has worked in a variety of genres and productions, from documentary to commercial to narrative. He recently wrote on his blog about adding ALEXA to his arsenal after years of owning 35 mm and 16 mm equipment.

Scott Duncan: in the moment with ALEXA

While on location in Vancouver, Canada, award-winning cinematographer/director Scott Duncan talks about his passion for visual imagery and how the ARRI ALEXA has pushed his creativity from the world of film to HD. 

"My interest in the new ARRI ALEXA camera peaked about six months ago. Initially I was hesitant to embrace another digital camera but after renting it for a few jobs, I found it to be a perfect extension of my hands and eyes. Just like my film cameras, this camera is totally intuitive and user friendly. The ALEXA may just tip the scales to digital for all work I would normally shoot with film. There is beautiful latitude and magnificent depth - day or night; the whole thing is the perfect device to capture the feeling I want to convey. I can set up anywhere and I know the camera is going to give back a killer result."

The ALEXA may just tip the scales to digital.

In this video, directed by Michael Haldane, Duncan talks about the creative possibilities that the ALEXA has enabled in his storytelling. SCOTT DUNCAN & ARRI ALEXA: IN THE MOMENT is an intimate portrait of a filmmaker and how he harnesses technology to communicate his vision.