New EB MAX Ballasts top ARRI High-Speed Range

ARRI announces three new versions of the EB MAX ballast to complete its state-of-the-art, high-speed, electronic ballast range.

Building on the solid foundation introduced by the EB MAX 1.8 at NAB 2017, ARRI now offers the EB MAX 2.5/4, the EB MAX 6/9, and the EB MAX 12/18 ballasts. These essential devises complete a new range that accommodates power classes, from 575 up to 18,000 W. The EB MAX 2.5/4 is designed for 2,500 W and 4,000 W lamps. Higher power classes are covered by the new EB MAX 6/9 (6,000 W and 9,000 W) and the EB MAX 12/18 (12,000 W and 18,000 W).

Besides lamp operation at 50 or 60 Hz, to minimize noise, or at 75 Hz for standard frame rates, the EB MAX Range accommodates high-speed frequencies at 1,000 Hz and, additionally, at 300 Hz, perfect for high frame rates on location or commercial shootings.

Living up to its slogan, MAX Technology—MAX Performance, all EB MAX ballasts offer cutting-edge features including new remote control possibilities.

The extended DMX protocol gives the end user the ability to change the operation type and the frequency remotely, making work on set more efficient and comfortable at once.

Three different modes are available for high-speed operation: AutoScan, Man, or AutoMan. The fully automatic AutoScan high-speed mode ensures optimum light and image quality with a minimum of effort for high-speed recordings up to 1,000 fps and beyond without further interaction by an operator.

Lamp frequencies at 300 Hz (270 – 360 Hz) and 1,000 Hz (900 – 1,200 Hz): can be set fully manually selecting Man (manual frequency control) or AutoMan mode which combines manual frequency setting with automatic frequency control.

The EB MAX Range also includes essential features such as Active Line Filter (ALF) and Compensation for Cable Losses (CCL), delivering maximum light quality with efficient supply and wiring.

To make the new EB MAX models easily recognizable, ARRI added red handles and a red safety framing around the circuit breaker to the typical blue standard housing.

Combined with state-of-the-art ARRI daylight lampheads such as the True Blue D-Series, M-Series, or even with the phased-out ARRI Compact and ARRISUN models, the systems enable optimal performance and advanced control for high image quality at any frame rate. ARRI also offers a five-year warranty for all newly purchased daylight systems (lamphead and ballasts).

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