Mechanical PCA for any camera and lens


The ARRI Broadcast Plate for ALEXA Mini is an adjustable base plate designed for documentary-style filming. Featuring advanced shoulder pad adjustment, it permits precise balancing on the shoulder without any need to disturb rod-mounted accessories. The plate's compatibility with VCT-style tripod adapters such as the ARRI Quick Release Plate QRP-1 allows swift transitions between shoulder and tripod.

The ARRI Low Bracket for Camera Shoulder Pad CSP-1 is specifically designed for the Mini Adapter Plate MAP-2. When fitted to the CSP-1 shoulder pad, it makes handheld operating easier by lowering the ALEXA Mini on the shoulder by 15 mm.


Two ARRI PCA base plates are available for the RED Weapon, Scarlet-W and Raven DSMC2 cameras. The ARRI Cine Plate for RED DSMC2 fits over classic studio bridge plates such as the ARRI BP-8 and BP-9, and offers a pair of sturdy rosettes. The documentary-style ARRI Broadcast Plate for RED DSMC2 enables users to adjust the position of the camera on the shoulder without repositioning accessories mounted to the rod system, and is compatible with VCT-style plates such as the ARRI QRP-1.

The ARRI Top Plate for RED DSMC2 is designed for low-mode applications and allows accessories to be mounted via industry-standard threads. It connects to the camera's electronic interface and offers a LEMO connector compatible with the RED LEMO adapter B.

The ARRI Handle for RED DSMC2 features a sturdy, integrated 15 mm LWS rod console for the mounting of accessories such as lens motors or ARRI viewfinder brackets. 

The ARRI Monitor Bracket for RED DSMC2 allows the camera monitor to be repositioned on top-mounted 15 mm LWS rods.

ARRI PCA for Sony a7S/R II

The ARRI Base Plate for Sony a7S/R II is a camera-specific support built tightly around the 15 mm LWS rod system. The robust, lightweight base plate is ideal for handheld operating, but is also ready for the heavier setups of classic rental environments that involve studio bridge plates such as the BP-8 or BP-9.

The ARRI Side Brackets for Sony a7S/R II surround the camera. They offer protection to the camera body and provide industry-standard accessory threads and cold shoes, allowing handles and a sturdy third-party viewfinder bracket to be attached. The camera rig can be comfortably operated using the generously-proportioned wooden grip provided.

The ARRI Cable Clamp for Sony a7S/R II spares the camera's Micro HDMI connector from the stresses of repetitive use. An offset, full-size HDMI female connector offers a reliable connection to recorders, viewfinders or monitors.

PCA for Panasonic VariCam LT

The ARRI Plate for VariCam LT is a lightweight, hybrid support that is well-suited to common rental setups using studio bridge plates such as the BP-8 or BP-9, as well as documentary setups using VCT-style base plates like the ARRI QRP-1. It features fore and aft lockable adjustment on the base plate for shoulder balance optimization, as well as a pair of built-in extended rosettes. 

The ARRI Top Plate for VariCam LT is a low-mode support, featuring numerous accessory threads and a built-in console for 15 mm LWS rods. It can be fitted with a range of ARRI PCA tools such as the CCH-2 handle, while maintaining compatibility with the original Panasonic viewfinder mount and handle.