Int'l 3D Society Honors ARRI Technology

ARRI was recently recognized by the International 3D & Advanced Imaging Society at the Fifth Annual Entertainment Technology and New Product Awards at Paramount Studios in Hollywood. The society has more than 1800 professional members in over 20 countries active in improving the art and technology of 3D and advanced imaging, including High Dynamic Range, 4K/Ultra High Definition and more.

ARRI, Walt Disney Studios Technologies and research firm Fraunhofer Institute were honored for the development of a trifocal camera system that enables hybrid 3D production by combining aspects of native 3D photography with conversion techniques. The system shoots 3D material without the need for on-set stereographers and continual readjustment of camera settings. The system comprises a rig of one main ARRI ALEXA camera and two satellite cameras. Integration of the satellite cameras and estimation of depth maps eliminates the need for continual adjustment of camera positions - often so time-consuming in 3D productions. The recorded material is then used in post-production to estimate dense depth maps which enable generation of stereo content.

Says Johannes Steurer, ARRI's Principal Engineer: "I am truly honored by this award. Capturing three-dimensional information will play an increasing role for regular 2D productions as it does for 3D acquisition. Capturing a depth map along with the RGB image is still at its beginning and other approaches will be evaluated. No matter what technology will finally win the competition for the best depth map, the quality of the ALEXA camera at the core of such acquisition devices guarantees the best picture. This award validates the advancement of 'RGB plus depth' capture in the most seamless and supportive way for our demanding customers in the creative filmmaking process."