ARRI Pro Camera Accessories for Canon EOS C300

Canon EOS C300 equipped with ARRI Pro Accessories

ARRI Pro Accessories are ready to outfit Canon's newest camera body, the C300, with the most stable and reliable support systems in the industry. ARRI's Philip Vischer offers a first peek at the new adapter plate. Music courtesy of

Canon recently announced the new EOS C300 for video production and ARRI is ready to offer our renowned Pro Camera Accessories line to support it. Working closely with Canon over the past couple of months, ARRI has developed a new adapter plate (Adapter Plate C300, product K2.66173.0) that allows existing accessories to outfit this new camera. Our high quality matte boxes, follow focus units and handgrips will enhance the functionality of the C300 in a variety of setups, including:


Handheld Mode
By using the Adapter Plate C300 with lightweight support rods, ARRI's Mini Follow Focus 2 and Mini Matte Box can be easily attached to the camera. The adapter plate also allows handgrips to be attached, letting shooters quickly switch to handheld mode.


Studio Mode
With the Adapter Plate C300, you can attach existing 35 mm bridge plates to use studio rods, studio follow focus units and a full-size production matte box such as the ARRI MB-28.


Launch events have been taking place all over the world to demonstrate how ARRI Pro Camera Accessories can equip the EOS C300 with the rugged, film-style functionality demanded by industry professionals. The US launch took place at Paramount Studios in Hollywood, where four of the new Canon cameras were kitted out with ARRI accessories. Similar events were recently hosted in Tokyo and Berlin. 


ARRI Pro Camera Accessories for the Canon C300 are available from the beginning of January, when the camera ships.

Special kit prices are available for the various items. Contact your local sales representative.