ARRI hosts Roger Deakins, ASC, BSC, at IBC

This year has seen an increased take-up of ARRIRAW recording for big-screen movies. Being unencrypted and uncompressed, ARRIRAW helps ARRI's software and postproduction partners to create the best possible 4K or IMAX deliverables; post houses such as ILM are praising the ARRIRAW workflow and the most respected cinematographers in the industry are testifying that ALEXA images look incredible on even the largest IMAX cinema screens.

SKYFALL trailer

Daniel Craig is back as James Bond in SKYFALL, directed by Sam Mendes and shot on ALEXA Studio, Plus and M cameras by cinematographer Roger Deakins, ASC, BSC.

ALEXA was the camera system chosen for the biggest film of 2012 so far - indeed the third highest grossing film of all time and the fastest ever to reach $500m in the U.S. - Marvel's THE AVENGERS. Cinematographer Seamus McGarvey, ASC, BSC, was so impressed by the functionality of the camera and the image performance of ARRIRAW on AVENGERS - his first digital movie - that he bought his own ALEXA. "The AVENGERS was my first feature film with the ALEXA," he notes. "I was really happy with our images. What was particularly impressive was how well it held up in IMAX theaters; this was a revelation to me."

The images I have seen in the IMAX theater are simply superb.

Another ALEXA film to get the IMAX treatment, as well as a 4K DCP, is the next James Bond film, SKYFALL, directed by Sam Mendes and scheduled for release in November this year. Cinematographer Roger Deakins, ASC, BSC, comments, "On SKYFALL we are producing a 4K DCP from the ALEXA using ARRIRAW. It was only after I had chosen the ALEXA that IMAX projection became a consideration. Not to worry! The images I have seen in the IMAX theater are simply superb. The quality of the 4K image makes the usual IMAX 'enhancement' process totally unnecessary."

Deakins will be joining ARRI on stage at the 2012 IBC Big Screen event on Saturday 8th September to discuss his work with ALEXA and show clips from SKYFALL.