ARRI and CAMERON - PACE forge 3D partnership

Following the announcement yesterday that filmmakers James Cameron and Vince Pace have formed a joint venture focused on 3D production called CAMERON – PACE Group (CPG), ARRI revealed an exciting cooperative partnership with CPG for the development of the ALEXA M camera system. Now on display at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, the ALEXA M consists of a separate head and body to offer the greatest flexibility when used on lightweight 3D setups. 

ALEXA M unveiled at NAB 2011

ARRI Managing Director Martin Prillmann explains,  "The CAMERON - PACE Group will have exclusive commercial access to the first systems to be made available in September 2011, pioneering its use in a variety of exciting 3D productions during which the design will be enhanced and optimized with new 3D application features unique to the CPG/ARRI collaboration. Serial production and sales release of the ALEXA M to all customers will commence during the first quarter of 2012."

I'm very excited about the ALEXA and what this will do for filmmaking.

Pace and Cameron are respected worldwide as innovators in 3D technology. Together they developed the FUSION 3D, which is now the most utilized 3D and workflow system available. Both filmmakers are quite familiar with the original ALEXA system, having utilized the cameras on recent 3D productions like the upcoming THE THREE MUSKETEERS; Martin Scorsese's HUGO CABRET (out in November); Ang Lee's ongoing production LIFE OF PI; and 47 RONIN, currently in production and starring Keanu Reeves.


CPG aims to push 3D storytelling further for feature films and broadcast TV. "We want to break the myth of 3D post convergence," says Pace. "The ALEXA advances our cause and will enable us to show the power of this kind of filmmaking."

In a joint statement, Pace and Cameron also commented: "We both understand the challenges of 3D go well beyond the technology. In many instances, both the director and cinematographer are embracing the transition from 2D to 3D at the same moment they are evolving from film to digital. With the recent introduction of the ALEXA on our 3D rigs for HUGO CABRET, we witnessed a new beginning in the world of 3D cinematography. The transition from film to digital became a transparent background to the task at hand - that of creating the look of the film. As both digital and 3D mediums mature, more time will be spent on promoting the essence of filmmaking and not the differences in the technology. ALEXA is a supremely creative tool in this process and a huge step towards the maturity of digital cinematography. ALEXA M will further revolutionize the production of 3D content for broadcast and cinematic applications."

Notes Cameron, a three-time Academy Award winner, "I'm very excited about the ALEXA and what this will do for filmmaking. It's going to be revolutionary."

Pace and Cameron plan to integrate ALEXA M with CPG technology and practices on key productions this fall.