AMIRA scores a first

Cinematographer Johann Perry recently worked with the ARRI AMIRA on a short documentary film about the Anokye Stars, a Ghanaian village youth soccer team that gets the opportunity to play in an English tournament. The 12-minute film, titled MY FIRST INTERNATIONAL, was commissioned by the agency AKQA and produced by Firecracker Films in London; it forms part of the Vodafone FIRSTS campaign, a series of branded documentary shorts that presents unique personal stories featuring people doing something incredible for the first time.

During the shoot, Perry reported back to ARRI: "Everything is going swimmingly in Ghana; the camera is performing beautifully, even in a very humid 40°C. The director, producer and exec are completely blown away by the footage; they can't stop talking about it. They are never going to want to shoot on anything else from now on -- I'm so impressed too, shooting a lot of very dark interiors, with hot windows and very dark skin, those 14 stops are completely holding it all."


He adds, "Having to respond to rapidly changing events on the fly, I can think of no other camera I'd rather have on my shoulder. I've been continually surprised over how well our material has turned out; it gives you total confidence in every shot you go for. I couldn't be happier."


Since the shoot Perry has taken delivery of his own AMIRA, commenting, "Most of my documentary work is about capturing human emotion in the moment. No retakes, no second chances. With perfect ergonomics, killer sensor, and simple functionality, the AMIRA gives me complete confidence and control."


ARRI News will be featuring a full interview with Johann Perry about the shoot in due course.