ARRI Pro Camera Accessories for F5/F55

Continuing its trend of swiftly bringing to market high quality Pro Camera Accessories for the latest DSLRs and digital cameras, ARRI has introduced accessories for Sony's recently released F5 and F55 cameras. These accessories render the Sony cameras suitable for the rigors of professional filmmaking by making them fully compatible with ARRI support and all industry-standard matte box and follow focus systems. Transitioning from studio to lightweight configurations and back again is quick and simple, minimizing delays on set.

Pro Accessories for Sony F5 and F55

ARRI recently introduced a set of Pro Camera Accessories (PCA) specially designed for the Sony F5 and F55 cameras. The Pro Set for the F5/55 is a full set of accessories for a lightweight build and includes an Adapter Plate, 15mm Support Rods, a shoulder pad, top plate, camera handle, viewfinder adapter and a viewfinder plug protection. 


This ARRI base plate makes the Sony cameras compatible with lightweight support standards and includes a built-in "Touch and Go 35" plate. With this, the camera can be mounted to a head or anything else with a standard quick release plate, allowing it to be quickly and safely secured, for example in between takes when shooting handheld. Two ARRI rosettes extend out to the sides of the base plate in order to attach handgrip systems and extensions. For studio configuration, the base plate accepts studio bridge plates such as the ARRI BP-8 or BP-9.


The top plate is designed to offer multiple mounting interfaces for accessories. An ARRI handle can be attached at three different positions to optimize balance, although the original Sony handle remains compatible. With its multiple centered interfaces, the top plate can also be used as a low mode plate for Steadicam shots. An optional 15 mm lightweight support rod adapter can be attached to the front of the plate, optically centered to the camera.


The Viewfinder Adapter VFA-1 allows the mounting of Sony viewfinders to all ARRI 3/8- 16" interfaces. This permits the viewfinders of the F5 and F55 to be attached at the most ergonomically suitable position, in combination with the ARRI top plate and handle.


This ARRI shoulder pad mounts to the underside of the cameras via a hand screw, and can be used independently of a base plate. When used alongside the ARRI base plate, the shoulder pad can remain in place even when the camera is secured to a head via the base plate's built-in "Touch and Go 35" quick release system. This allows incredibly swift transitions between studio and handheld configurations.


The new viewfinder plug protector can be attached to the ARRI top plate, protecting the Sony viewfinder cable connector against cable stress and the time-consuming damage that can often be caused by unforeseen incidents on the set. This allows operators to concentrate on the action without being distracted by cable concerns.