ALEXA upgrades: a promise fulfilled

When the ALEXA concept was first unveiled in early 2010, ARRI made a commitment to protect customer investment through long product cycles and modular upgradability. Three years later ALEXA is still the camera of choice and still offers the best overall production value, with a wide range of upgrades, licenses, accessories and free-of-charge Software Update Packets having been released to maintain its market edge.

From the beginning, the idea was to give ALEXA users the option to purchase new modular components as technology improved. This was why the ALEXA Plus was offered as both a new camera and an upgrade in 2011, and why the XR Module and several other (though not all) key components of the ALEXA XT configuration are being offered as upgrades to owners of classic ALEXAs in 2013.


The ALEXA XR Module (Extended Recording) upgrade comprises a new side panel and circuit board that replaces the current SxS Module; it is available for all classic ALEXAs, but must be installed at an official ARRI service center.

  • Upgrade any ALEXA with Extended Recording (XR)
  • In-camera ARRIRAW
    • Record ARRIRAW onto 512 GB XR Capture Drives
    • 16:9 up to 120 fps, 4:3 up to 90 fps
    • Faster, lighter and more affordable ARRIRAW
    • Proven, flexible Codex ARRIRAW workflow
  • Improved in-camera ProRes/DNxHD
    • ProRes 4444 16:9 HD up to 120 fps onto XR Capture Drives
    • ProRes onto SxS PRO cards with SxS Adapter
    • Proven, flexible ProRes workflow
  • Six different-colored top covers for easy camera ID


The IFM-1 upgrade allows the use of special internal Neutral Density (ND) filters; it is available for all classic ALEXAs except the ALEXA Studio, which has its own motorized ND filter.

  • Internal filtration advantages
    • Internal filters reduce reflections
    • Sensor protected from dirt during lens changes
    • Lighter and easier to use than matte box filters
  • New Full Spectrum Neutral Density (FSND) filters
    • Neutral color balance at all densities
    • High contrast through anti-reflective multi-coating
    • High image sharpness through precision polishing


  • Greater operating comfort
    • Strong and rigid construction
    • Hard, low friction anodizing on all moving parts
    • Built-in bubble level
  • Enhanced flexibility
    • Based on standard position 15 mm lightweight rods
    • Rods take lens motors, matte boxes, follow focus etc.
    • Uncluttered base plate speeds up camera changeovers

ALEXA XT FAN (upgrade)

  • Makes the already quiet ALEXA even quieter
  • Super silent operation in all environments
  • Available for all classic ALEXAs


  • New, sturdy design
  • Blue safety catch
  • Fold-out arm holds viewfinder when moving camera


  • Designed specifically for ALEXA EVF-1
  • Additional heating element for greater power
  • Spring loaded mechanical lock