The SMALLEST biggest light on set

The SMALLEST biggest light on set

Since its introduction in 2005, the ARRIMAX 18/12 fixture has become a ubiquitous presence on film sets all over the world, providing massive light output for the biggest scenes. At the heart of this Oscar-winning fixture is an innovative, patented reflector that eliminates the need for spreader lenses and combines the advantages of a PAR with those of a Fresnel. The same MAX Technology has gone on to be used in a range of other ARRI fixtures, including two further lampheads in the M-Series, the M18 and M40/25. Now the M-Series is being extended with a fixture that ushers in an entirely new 9,000-watt power class -- the M90/60.

M90/60 >>

  • New 9,000-watt power class
  • Superior light quality via MAX Technology
  • As small and lightweight as a 6K PAR
  • Light output close to a 12K PAR
  • Focusable from 17-55°
  • Can be operated with 9K bulb at 1,000 Hz

The M90/60 packs a lot of punch into a small package. Light output is close to that of a 12K, while size and weight are nearer to a 6K. This is a crucial consideration for productions travelling to distant locations, as weight and space on trucks can be extremely limited. The M90/60 delivers 50% of the light of an ARRIMAX, but for every ARRIMAX kit on your lighting truck you could fit three or four M90/60 kits, factoring in ballast and cable needs. That means you could use a smaller truck; you could also use smaller stands or rig the M90/60 higher without any compromise in safety.


The advent of high sensitivity digital cameras such as the ARRI ALEXA, which has a base sensitivity of EI 800, has meant that light levels on many film and television sets have fallen. In some cases, an 18K is an unnecessarily large and unwieldy fixture, and could be replaced as the biggest light on set by the M90/60. On digital productions it could easily function as a huge keylight in many setups, for example when lighting large areas at night. Up until now the next step down from a 12K or 18K has been a 6K, but the M90/60's new 9,000-watt power class bridges the gap and offers a perfect solution for situations where an ARRIMAX would be a bit too big or bulky.

EB 6000/9000 BALLAST >>

  • Same size as EB 6000 Baby ballast
  • CCL (Compensation for Cable Loss)
  • ALF (Active Line Filter)
  • DMX compatible
  • Available in a 1,000 Hz version

A completely new 9,000-watt bulb has been developed by Osram, one of ARRI's key technology partners, specifically for the M90/60. Alternatively a 6,000-watt bulb can be used, making this a highly versatile lamphead. Osram has achieved a technical breakthrough by designing the new 9,000-watt bulb to be stable at 1,000 Hz, which is a remarkable feat for such a powerful lamp. It means that the M90/60 will be an extremely useful fixture for high speed cinematography allowing frame rates of up to 1,000 fps while delivering the large amounts of light required.


If the biggest light on set is the relatively small and lightweight M90/60, then workflows will be sped up considerably, bringing several cost benefits. Not only will productions save money by not needing larger fixtures, but the ballasts and cables required will be smaller and lighter, further speeding up work on set and allowing the use of smaller crews. Serviceability of the M90/60 is fast and simple; the back housing and back plate can be removed easily, allowing rapid access to all mechanical and electronic components.


Accompanying the M90/60 is a new high speed ballast, the EB 6000/9000. Like other recent ballasts from ARRI, it features CCL (Compensation for Cable Loss) technology and the power-saving ALF (Active Line Filter). The EB 6000/9000 is DMX compatible, dual voltage (120/230 V) and is no bigger than ARRI's existing EB 6000 Baby ballast.