ARRISUN 18 Event lights up BREAD & BUTTER

ARRISUN 18 Event lights up BREAD & BUTTER

In late January 2012 the 26th BREAD & BUTTER fashion tradeshow returned for the sixth time to the historic site of the Tempelhof Airport in Berlin. The three-day event saw 640 exhibitors pack out eight enormous hangars with the very latest from the world of contemporary fashion culture, from jeans and urban wear to top-level street couture. With a vast space of some 57,000 m² to light, the ARRI Event System and other ARRI daylight fixtures formed a significant component of the overall lighting design.


The movers and shakers of fashion and youth culture recently assembled at the Tempelhof Airport in Berlin for the Winter 2012 BREAD & BUTTER tradeshow. Among the lighting fixtures illuminating the vast space was the new ARRISUN 18 Event.

Responsible for the technology behind the entire event was a company called Lleyendecker, of Wuppertal, Germany. After looking around for cutting-edge lights to suit a cutting-edge show, Lleyendecker decided to try out the new ARRISUN 18 Event, a fixture that has the power to provide daylight lighting for large spaces with extremely high ceilings.


The ARRI Event System comprises a series of efficient, high color-rendering daylight lampheads, as well as remote, intelligent ballasts. Established and successful in the market for over 10 years, the system is used at shows of all kinds, as well as for sports, fashion and red carpet events where superior light quality is required.


Following the great success of the AS18 lamphead in the film industry, ARRI decided to develop a version of the same fixture that would meet the requirements of event and trade show lighting: the ARRISUN 18 Event. This new member of the ARRI Event family combines the AS18's integration of ARRI True Blue technology with specific event lighting features.

Trendco, ARRI's Event Systems dealer, committed the first 96 ARRISUN 18 Events to come off the production line to Lleyendecker. Not only that, but Trendco brought the lights directly to the show construction area, making sure that the delivery was organized on time and tailoring the fixtures in advance, as well as on site. In total, 456 ARRISUN 12 Event fixtures were put to use at BREAD & BUTTER, alongside the 96 ARRISUN 18 Event units and 31 ARRI D12 True Blue Daylights.