New ARRILITE lighting fixtures

New ARRILITE lighting fixtures

Due to the continuing popularity of its ARRILITE range, ARRI has announced two new fixtures that represent the next generation of these traditional, open-faced lights.

The ARRILITE 750 Plus and ARRILITE 2000 Plus have been completely redesigned, offering a modern take on a well established lighting concept. With improved functionality and simplified maintenance, they perfectly cater to the demanding production environ-ments of today's film and television industries. Despite being compact and lightweight, the new ARRILITEs exemplify the rugged and durable build quality for which ARRI is world-renowned.

Both lampheads feature a robust new aluminum housing that allows effective heat dissipation. At the rear of the housing is a large, heat-proof handle that facilitates easy maneuvering of the light, even when it is hot. Bulbs can be changed easily and quickly, without the need for tools of any kind.

ARRILITE Plus fixtures launched at IBC 2010

The new ARRILITE Plus fixtures from ARRI represent the next generation of these traditional, open-faced lights. Martin Carnell from ARRI in the UK talks through the improved functionality and simplified maintenance of the ARRILITE 750 Plus and ARRILITE 2000 Plus.

By using the same reflector and optical system as the ARRIMAX, the designers of which last year won a Scientific and Engineering Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (©A.M.P.A.S®), both new ARRILITE fixtures offer high light efficiency.


A new accessory holder incorporates fittings that permit the Chimera Video PRO Plus S to be fitted directly, without an additional speedring. The accessory holder also enables usage of the 4-leaf barndoor and scrims designed for the ARRI 650 Plus, which is therefore ideally partnered with the ARRILITE 750 Plus in a kit, as they share the same accessories. 

The ARRILITE 750 Plus is smaller and almost half a kilo lighter than the current ARRILITE 800 and ARRILITE 1000 fixtures, making it well suited to portable lighting kits used for location shooting and newsgathering. Although listed as a 750-watt fixture, it can be fitted with bulbs ranging from 800 watts all the way down to a 375-watt HPL bulb (invented by and licensed from David Cunningham). In addition, it features an innovative one-arm stirrup that enables many different pan-and-tilt options and reduces overall size for easy transportation.

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The ARRILITE 2000 Plus is more stable and far more compact than the current ARRILITE 2000. It features an improved focus mechanism and, like the 750 Plus, implements disc brake technology from the ARRI True Blue range of lampheads, which holds the fixture steady even with heavy accessories attached.