With themes concerning God, hope and survival, LIFE OF PI’s ideas are epic, with incredible visuals to match. Widely regarded as an “unfilmable” novel, LIFE OF PI follows a boy’s spiritual journey across the Pacific Ocean on a lifeboat, accompanied by a tiger. Director Ang Lee decided early on that his film adaptation needed to go beyond a typical movie experience by originating in 3D stereoscopic. In order to help bring the ambitious script to the big screen, Lee brought on board cinematographer Claudio Miranda, ASC, who shot the film using six ALEXA cameras paired on three Cameron Pace Fusion 3D rigs with ARRI / Zeiss Master Prime lenses.

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LIFE OF PI clip: ‘Alone with a tiger’ LIFE OF PI scenes in the boat were lit with a giant rig of 9 ARRIMAX lights over a water tank and shot against bluescreen.