Remote Control Unit RCU-4
Remote Control Unit RCU-4

The Remote Control Unit RCU-4 is a compact accessory that allows complete remote control of ALEXA Classic, ALEXA Classic with XR Module upgrade, ALEXA XT and ALEXA SXT cameras.


1x Remote Control Unit RCU-4
1x RCU-4 flexible protective cover K2.72040.0
1x ALEXA Ethernet Remote Cable (2.00m/6.6ft) KC 157-S 

Not included: ARRI Shoulder Strap (K2.72045.0). 

ALEXA Ethernet Remote Cable (1.00m/3.3ft) KC 158-S K2.72041.0
Connects the Ethernet socket of the ALEXA, ALEXA XT and ALEXA SXT family of cameras (Lemo 10 pin) to the Ethernet socket on the RCU-4 (Lemo 10 pin). This is a good length cable when the RCU-4 is mounted on the camera. Can be extended with ALEXA Ethernet Extension Cable (K2.72043.0).

ALEXA Ethernet Extension Cable (15.00m/50ft) KC 159-S
Extends the Ethernet Remote Cable KC 157 (K2.72040.0) or Ethernet Remote Cable KC 158 (K2.72041.0). Three KC 159-S (15m) plus one Remote Cable can be combined for a maximum total length of 47 m (154 feet) or 46 m (151 feet).