New Pro Camera Accessories

New Pro Camera Accessories


A studio matte box for filter sizes up to 6.6" x 6.6", the SMB-1 is designed to be used with bigger wide-angle prime lenses and also with zooms. 

The SMB-1 Tilt has an integrated tilt module that counteracts image artefacts linked to filter reflections by allowing the matte box assembly to be quickly and easily tilted, without any need for additional accessories. A flexible, rear-extending control shaft is available for the module, making it simple for the camera operator to adjust the tilt angle. 

Filter stages can be stacked together as single or dual filter stage modules, accommodating everything from wide-angle coverage to multi-filter situations while minimizing the number of components. Filters are fully rotatable, the 2-filter stage accepts one geared filter frame, and all filter stages are fitted with independent "tray catchers." 

The matte box can be optimized for anamorphic filming by means of a unique 2:1 ratio sunshade, side flags and matte set. The standard 4:3 ratio sunshade covers the full ALEXA sensor and permits repositioning in post. Top, bottom and side flags allow precise positioning thanks to advanced adjusters, and the top flag has folding side flaps to reduce overall width if required. 

An accessory mount can be fitted directly onto the matte box body, offering surfaces for French flag arms and incorporating a 3/8-16" sliding mount that is ideal for ultrasonic sensors such as the ARRI UDM-1. 

When used with the ALEXA, the SMB-1 covers the Master Prime 12 mm with a 2-filter-stage, the Ultra Prime 10 mm with a 1-filter stage, and the new ARRI UWZ 9.5-18 Ultra Wide Zoom with a 1-filter stage.


The QRP-1 is a lightweight tripod adapter plate compatible with the standard quick-release attachments found on many broadcast cameras. It features hardened clamping surfaces and automatic clamping of the camera; the rear clamping mechanism ensures a solid and reliable interface between camera and tripod.


Stainless steel rods still offer the best surface durability for effortless mounting of accessories. ARRI has developed lightweight thin-walled steel rods that are less than half the weight of classic rods, making them perfect for handheld filming. The 15 mm diameter lightweight rods come in 140, 240 and 340 mm lengths, while the 19 mm diameter rods come in 240 and 340 mm.


For documentary-style filming ARRI's shoulder belt adapters fit to any 3/8-16" thread and offer compatibility with standard broadcast quick-release shoulder belts.