Latest Pro Camera Accessories

Latest Pro Camera Accessories

Broadcast Plate for Sony F5/F55

The broadcast plate is a lightweight and highly adjustable solution for documentary-style productions. It mounts on all quick-release tripod adapters commonly used in the broadcast industry and is compatible with existing ARRI accessories dedicated to the F5/F55. The rosettes available for the broadcast plate are of an extended design, in order to clear the quick-release tripod adapter. Similarly, the ARRI shoulder pad -- which can be adjusted independently of the broadcast plate -- will not interfere with the quick-release tripod adapter. A 15 mm LWS console, as used on the front of the top plate for F5/F55, can be attached to the back of the broadcast plate for rear-mounted accessories such as external recorders, digital senders or additional batteries.

Start/Stop Cable and Handgrip for Sony F5/F55

This cable enables start/stop functionality on the Sony F5/F55 cameras. It is available as an individual item or as a set with the ARRI lightweight handgrip on/off, into which it fits.

Universal and Lightweight Bridge Supports UBS-2 and LBS-2

With the release of the UBS-2 and LBS-2, ARRI's bridge supports are now available with hard-mounted rosettes for any rosette-based handheld set; they attach to their respective rods via a strong, reliable and maintenance-free clamping mechanism.

MBP-3 Adapter Plate for Digital Bolex

The new 16 mm-format digital camera that started life as a Kickstarter project is now compatible with the MBP-3 and ARRI cage system. If the camera is fitted with the Hot Rod® PL mount for Digital Bolex, ARRI's base plate adapter supports the PL mount in order to provide additional stability when working with longer, heavier lenses.

MBP-3 Adapter Plate for Blackmagic Pocket Camera

This diminutive camera from Blackmagic now benefits from its own ARRI base plate adapter and Cage Hot Shoe CHS-4 top support for maximum solidity when using larger lenses. Coupled with a lens adapter, this enables the Pocket Camera to explore classic Super 16 lenses with industry-standard support and compatibility.

Bottom Plates 300/450/600 (12"/18"/24")

The classic ARRI 300 mm bottom plate has been redesigned to be 25% lighter and more comfortable, yet just as strong. Two new balance plate sizes have been introduced: 450 mm for a greater balance adjustment span; and 600 mm, with 15 mm or 19 mm studio rod support brackets (RSB-15 or RSB-19), for long zoom lenses.

Bridge Plate Sled BPS-2

The BPS-2 is aimed at lighter camera rigs using 15 mm lightweight support systems but still requiring a sliding base plate for balance optimization. Compatible with all ARRI bottom plates of all generations, it will fit any camera with a BP-3/5/8/9 interface, such as the plate for Sony F5/F55 or the ARRI Mini Base Plate MBP-3.