FIFA LEGENDS highlighted by AMIRA Multicam

FIFA LEGENDS highlighted by AMIRA Multicam

When FIFA was looking for coverage of its World Cup curtain-raising events, it turned to Ruptly, a Berlin-based video news agency. Their new Outside Broadcast van is kitted-out with the AMIRA Multicam system, providing outstanding image quality, vision-mixing facilities, and workflow.

Since it was launched in 2013 Ruptly has been providing visual news content to a range of media, from large broadcast networks to online content providers. The agency offers edited video packages, video on demand, operational facilities through broadcast services, and direct access to global events via live streaming. The FIFA LEGENDS event was a special friendly soccer match staged in Kaliningrad between a team of former Russia internationals, and a team representing the rest of the world.

The AMIRA’s versatility and high dynamic range were crucial for Ruptly

The AMIRA Multicam has been used with success in a wide range of applications, from music concerts to news and sporting events. The system knits together AMIRA cameras, with cabling, vision mixing and workflow, to enable live broadcasting or the recording of outside events and studio-based programs. Thomas Bischofer, Ruptly’s Head of Production, believes their OB van was perfectly equipped to provide the coverage FIFA wanted.

“We love using the AMIRA Multicam, because of the outstanding images the AMIRAs capture - and the high-standard build of the camera,” he says. “Technically, the DTS fiber system brings you all the features you expect, and so we can create a really good workflow. Setting AMIRAs up for Multicam use is a bit more complex than standard systems, but the camera’s flexibility and superior quality make the effort well worthwhile.”

And, of course, the starting point was the AMIRA. “We were searching for a camera that is versatile and can be used in all sorts of OB news events,” Thomas explains, “and the AMIRA’s capability to be used either as an ENG camera, or in a studio setup, was our first priority.”

The high dynamic range, and the robustness offered by the AMIRA were also big considerations for Ruptly.  “In news events you often shoot with very bright, sunlit backgrounds, and reducing the effort in lighting is crucial.”

Ruptly’s engineers were “comfortable” working with the AMIRA Multicam

ARRI’s AMIRA Multicam System is fully compatible with the industry-standard Sony Remote Control Panels (RCP’s), which makes set-up and operation of the system easier for all involved. Thomas believes this is a huge advantage. “It’s really good because the engineers feel quite comfortable working with these RCPs,” he explains, “and we don’t have to spend valuable training-time teaching them how to use different ones.”

The end product was everything he had hoped for. “The FIFA LEGENDS game was our first production with AMIRA and we didn’t have the chance to do a lot of tests and rehearsals beforehand, to play around with the cameras. But it all worked well. We are already heading on to our next productions, and we’re looking forward to getting a lot more experience with the AMIRAs.”

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