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Willkommen im Videoarchiv von ARRI! Hier finden Sie eine ganze Bibliothek aus Technikbeiträgen, Präsentationen, Demovideos, Clips und Trailern von Produktionen, die mit ARRI Equipment entstanden sind. Durchsuchen Sie die Themen Ihrer Wahl, sortiert nach Kategorie oder Schlagwort, für Videos über spezielle Produkte, Filmschaffende oder Events.


Matte Box MB-20 Guide
ALEXA M - The Specialist ALEXA M is the ideal camera for 3D rigs, helicopter shots, underwater rigs, car interiors, action photography, Steadicam and handheld.
THE AVENGERS trailer Oscar-nominated cinematographer Seamus McGarvey, ASC, BSC, used the ARRI ALEXA digital camera system to shoot Marvel's THE AVENGERS, directed by Joss Whedon. McGarvey was impressed by ALEXA's low light performance and suitability for blue and greenscreen work.
SAVAGES SAVAGES, directed by Oliver Stone and shot by Dan Mindel, BSC, ASC utilized M18s carried in special kits to Indonesia from Gaffer Jeff Ferrero.
ARRI Mini Baseplate Overview ARRI's Michael Best shows what our versatile Mini Base Plates can offer for almost every professional camera on the market.
BREAD AND BUTTER overview The movers and shakers of fashion and youth culture recently assembled at the Tempelhof Airport in Berlin for the Winter 2012 BREAD & BUTTER tradeshow. Among the lighting fixtures illuminating the vast space was the new ARRISUN 18 Event.
RAMPART trailer DP Bobby Bukowski, who previously collaborated with director Oren Moverman and actor Woody Harrelson on the critically acclaimed THE MESSENGER, pushed the ARRI ALEXA's sensor to its limits in creating a visual representation of the troubled central character's psyche.

TREE OF LIFE: Cinematography Featurette Producers of TREE OF LIFE, including Brad Pitt talk about Oscar-nominated cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki’s work for THE TREE OF LIFE directed by  Terrence Malick. 
WAR HORSE trailer WARHORSE is the story of a horse named Joey and his trainer Albert, who are separated when they are both recruited to serve in the First World War. Directed by Steven Spielberg, the film was shot by cinematographer Janusz Kamiński at locations all over England, with a comprehensive lighting kit supplied by ARRI Lighting Rental and a camera package from ARRI Media.