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ARRI True Blue (3/9): Attaching the Mount Whether you need to hang the fixture or place it upright on a lighting stand, you'll need the attach appropriate mounting hardware to the stirrup.
ARRI True Blue (4/9): Inserting the Lamp Here we show you how to properly insert the lamp into the fixture.
ARRI True Blue (5/9): Turning on the True Blue Ready to see the quality of light for the True Blue? Here's how to turn it on properly. Be sure to check that the connector is grounded and rated for the wattage and voltage listed on the fixture.
ARRI True Blue (6/9): Top Latches and Bottom Catches A new spring-loaded top latch makes inserting accessories even easier, while the bottom catch offers extra safety.
ARRI True Blue (7/9): Two Position Accessory Brackets Enhanced features on the True Blues like the new two position brackets allow additional space for accessories while eliminating like leak.
ARRI True Blue (8/9): Directing the Light See how to adjust the focus between a spot beam of light and a flood beam of light. New redesigned barndoors and a tilt lock, allow better control.
ARRI True Blue (9/9): It Doesn't Stop There ARRI True Blues are ready to set a new standard in professional lighting. There's more to come, so stay tuned.
Bill Holshevnikoff on the ARRI True Blue ST5 Filmmaker Bill Holshevnikoff takes a look at the  ARRI True Blue ST5
Bill Holshevnikoff on the ARRI True Blue ST2 Filmmaker Bill Holshevnikoff takes a look at the  ARRI True Blue ST2