The Allure of Alura

After being tested alongside ALEXA prototype cameras by specially selected cinematographers, the new ARRI/FUJINON Alura Zooms began shipping to customers this summer.

The wide Alura Zoom 18-80 and the long Alura Zoom 45-250 are a set of matched T2.6 PL mount cine zooms for digital and film cameras. Using the latest in optical design technology and innovative manufacturing techniques, they combine the highest optical performance and build quality with an amazingly small size, weight and price.

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  • ARRI /FUJINON lenses

Both lenses exhibit high contrast and high resolution for sharp, punchy images. The special optical design ensures an evenly illuminated image on the sensor or film plane, while internal reflections have been greatly reduced through the use of Fujinon's multi-layer EBC (Electron Beam Coating) lens coating.