Hollywood comes to Budapest

The collaboration between Somos Video Ltd., Somos Broadcast Media Co. and the Origo Film Group began in 2008. To help facilitate Origo's ambitious plan to create a Hollywood-quality filmmaking complex in Budapest, Hungary, Somos undertook to import all studio equipment, design the postproduction system and transact all acquisitions.

Origo Film Group and Raleigh Studios Budapest, which is associated with Raleigh Studios Hollywood, have introduced the very best of Western filmmaking to Central and Eastern Europe. In the making for six years, this $85 million collaborative project offers foreign and domestic filmmakers full-service production facilities on its newly built 52-acre complex in an easily accessible area of Budapest.

Somos has been the sole Hungarian ARRI dealer for camera, lighting and digital postproduction equipment since its establishment in 1999, though this is the biggest investment the company has ever participated in.

"Last year we delivered several hundred ARRI lampheads and a lot of grip equipment to Raleigh Studios Budapest," says Managing Director Attila Somos. "The equipment package allows the facility to meet the requirements of two big Hollywood productions at the same time. There are of course other suppliers whose products we are using, but the majority of our lamps come from ARRI." 

The possibility of further expansion in the coming years and the need to use the most recent technology and products were the primary criteria when designing the postproduction system. For this reason, an ARRISCAN film scanner and an ARRILASER 2 High Speed film recorder were selected, forming an important part of the studio development.

The partnership between Somos Broadcast Media and Origo has not come to an end with the studio's opening in spring this year. More planned acquisitions and the operation of the postproduction studio will ensure that the relationship continues into the future.