Enhanced lens control with ECS

The Electronic Control System (ECS) is a complete, modular toolset for wireless remote control not just of ARRI cameras and lenses, but literally any camera and any lens. Ergonomically designed hand units make life easier for focus pullers, while application-specific lens motor controllers help optimize camera setups. Frame-accurate lens data simplifies tasks on set and also facilitates VFX processes in post. 

Alongside free software update packets for the Wireless Compact Unit WCU-4 and the Universal Motor Controller UMC-4, ARRI is introducing new ECS hardware tools at IBC 2015.

Controlled Lens Motor CLM-5
The new Controlled Lens Motor CLM-5 is an exceptionally small and lightweight, yet fast and responsive lens motor, designed for demanding setups involving gimbals and aerial drones. Directly compatible with most ALEXA models, the CLM-5 can also be used with other cameras via ARRI's UMC-4 or Single Motor Controller SMC-1, or cmotion controllers. 

With the CLM-5 there are now five ARRI lens motors, offering a range of torque, speed and size options. Powerful and fast, the CLM-3 is perfect for heavy lenses in difficult conditions, while the CLM-2 and CLM-4 are well suited to all standard lenses. The daisy-chainable cforce mini is an ideal choice for the ALEXA Mini, providing a super-lightweight, integrated solution.

WCU-4 Monitor Mount
The WCU-4 is a comfortable, versatile hand unit offering up to 3-axis lens control. Rugged and splash-proof, it features an easy-to-read lens data display, lens mapping to pre-marked focus rings, focus tracking, vibrating alerts and custom lens file programming. A new WCU-4 Monitor Mount now allows on-board monitors to be fitted to the top of the unit. 

Strong, stable and constructed from lightweight, radio-friendly materials, the monitor mount offers adjustable viewing angles and a 1/4-20 UNC mounting screw. It is optimized for the Transvideo StarliteHD5-ARRI 5" on-board monitor, but works with others as well. Having a live image feed on the hand unit will enable users to judge camera framing and make adjustments to settings such as iris and even focus, depending on the resolution of the monitor used.


1st AC Schane Godon
Used ECS on the TV series FARGO and HEARTLAND
"I've been using the WCU-4 wireless control unit since it became available to purchase. There are so many great things to say about the system, it's hard to know where to start. One of the most impressive things to me is the durability. Like any ARRI camera, the WCU-4 handset, UMC-4 and motors have proven to be tough and reliable in any environment. Here in Alberta we get every kind of weather known to man, from -40° with blinding snow to scorching heat and blowing dust. My particular system has worked almost full-time since I've owned it. It has never let me down; there have been many times when other pieces of gear are freezing up and the ARRI system keeps going."

1st AC Joe Segura
Used ECS on the feature film DOPE
"DOPE was the first time I got to use my WCU-4 and SXU-1 in the field. It proved to be a great project for the system as there were several setups involving process trailers, hostess trays, rickshaws, Steadicam, handheld and dolly. We used the ALEXA XT Plus, so I took advantage of its built-in UMC, which in turn made for a cleaner and sleeker system. I loved being able to quickly place marks with the user button, and changing settings on the camera via the handset really came in handy. The SXU-1 links up with the WCU-4 seamlessly and helped us iris rack for a lot of our car shots.  I love all the information that the hand unit presents me with as well; the whole system is really efficient and helps me do my job better."

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