ALEXA has been designed from the very beginning to be more than just another digital camera; it is a platform - a camera system that will accommodate a wide range of upgrades, extensions and accessories, now and into the future. All of the new products shown on these pages are based on this thoroughly modular and future-proof architecture. While the new ALEXA Plus model has an advanced electronics side cover for integrated remote control, the RCU-4 and WNA-1 extend the remote control options of both models by making the most of ALEXA's carefully crafted network capabilities. A set of cables for 3D sync and a low mode set further expand ALEXA's applications, unlocking some of the tremendous potential of the ALEXA system. It is the camera's expansive design that makes this possible, and that promises many more exciting advances in the future.

ARRI ALEXA Plus debuts at IBC 2010

Product Manager Marc Shipman-Mueller talks through the latest developments to the ALEXA digital camera system, including the new ALEXA Plus model, which incorporates wireless remote control, improved connectivity and the ARRI Lens Data System.

The ALEXA Plus is an upgrade to the ALEXA camera, adding built-in wireless remote control, the ARRI Lens Data System (LDS), an additional MON OUT video output, an additional RS power output and built-in position and motion sensors. Both ALEXA and ALEXA Plus share the same exceptional image performance, are simple to operate, reliable in even the most extreme environments and versatile enough to cover a diverse range of workflow and budget requirements. The ALEXA Plus will be available in January 2011 as a stand-alone product or as an upgrade to existing ALEXA cameras. Upgrades will be performed at ARRI service centers.

The ALEXA Plus has all the features of ALEXA, as well as:

  • Built-in remote control features
    • ARRI Wireless Remote System (WRS) functionality
    • real-time wired or wireless remote control of lens functions and camera REC/STOP
  • Built-in ARRI Lens Data System (LDS)
    • lens mount incorporates new LDS contacts
    • numerical lens data and depth of field display in viewfinder and MON OUT
    • lens metadata in ProRes, HD-SDI and ARRIRAW
    • easier speed/iris ramps
    • Lens Data Archive (LDA) for use with non-LDS lenses
  • Lens synchronization for 3D
  • A second MON OUT output (1.5G HD-SDI)
  • A third RS accessory power output
  • Built-in position and motion sensors
  • Quick switch BNC connectors
    • can be exchanged without camera disassembly