ARRI lights up Azerbaijan's largest TV studio

Working to a brief given by the Public Television and Radio Broadcasting Company in Azerbaijan (ITV), ARRI Lighting Solutions' project team recently designed and installed a lighting setup for the country's largest TV studio. The 600 sqm studio space will be used for a variety of different purposes, including entertainment shows and factual programming for ITV, which is an independent public television channel.

We are particularly proud to have the new ARRI True Blue lights.

The lighting package consists of a mix of 96 ARRI pole-operated tungsten fixtures and ARRI Cool fluorescent lights. A total of 80 ST1s and 36 ST2s from ARRI's innovative True Blue series are combined with 120 ARRI Junior 650s, 72 Studio Cool banks and 30 Cyclo 1-banks, creating a highly versatile lighting setup that can be adapted for multiple usages. Suspension systems (pantographs and hoists) were also installed, in addition to the other lighting control equipment.


Designing the studio, with its new lighting, suspension and control equipment, was a special challenge for the ARRI project engineers, as they had to contend with an existing light and rail system that had been in place since the 1950s Soviet era. Nevertheless, by cooperating closely with a local partner, the ARRI team was able to complete the installation in less than one week.


Ismayil Omerov, general director of ITV, personally commended ARRI on its competence in providing studio solutions of any type or scale. "We are particularly proud to have the new ARRI True Blue lights," he says, "as we are the first studio in Azerbaijan to be equipped with these innovative luminaires. It is the cross-cooling system of the True Blue series that first attracted us, due to the climatic conditions in Azerbaijan. This year we have plans to build another new studio with the help of ARRI Lighting Solutions; it will have an area of 300 sqm and will also be used for multiple formats."


TV broadcasts in Azerbaijan started in Baku, its capital, in 1956, when the country belonged to the Soviet Union. It wasn't until 2005 that the Public Television and Radio Broadcasting Company was founded in the Republic of Azerbaijan - one of six independent Turkic states in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. Today Azerbaijan boasts 22 TV channels, including eight republican and other regional channels, as well as six independent companies. ITV became a member of the EBU (European Broadcast Union) on July 5, 2007.