ARRI Lighting Solutions equips Al Hijrah

ARRI Lighting Solutions, in cooperation with the ARRI System Integrator in Kuala Lumpur - QuickMedia Engineering Services Sdn Bhd (QES) - recently created a unique lighting solution for Malaysia's first Islamic TV Station, Al Hijrah. The studio, which is located in a historical Islamic library in Malaysia's capital, was equipped with an inventory of ARRI TRUE BLUE tungsten lights.

With a floor area of 264 sqm and a height of 11 m, the studio was designed to function as a multi-purpose space. It has been equipped with 15 ARRI TRUE BLUE ST2 and 40 ST1 fixtures; 30 ARRI Junior 650s; and 20 ARRI Studio Cool 4-Banks; all of them pole-operated. In addition, 24 manually-operated ARRI Cyclo 1-Banks have been installed for the illumination of the curtain system. To complete the lighting system, a number of moving heads and profilers from sub-suppliers were added for effect and show lighting.

For the truss system, two truss circles, six truss bars and a number of chain hoists and associated accessories were installed. Movement of the truss groups (each group contains a maximum of eight chain hoists) is controlled by a touch-panel remote control system. The two circular trusses and the chain hoists can be moved up and down independently, and even inclined laterally; for maintenance and service purposes they can be dropped down to ground level. Spring pantographs of different payloads and drop arms of different extensions - fixed to the truss circles and bars - allow the height level of the luminaires to be varied, increasing the illumination possibilities tremendously.

The decision to install two circular trusses, as a kind of additional suspension device, was made for several reasons. On the one hand they allow for more individualized lighting configurations, tailored to each production set (round talks or news sets). On the other hand they permit greater flexibility when it comes to the different heights at which studio decorations are positioned. Last but not least, strong aesthetic considerations, in addition to the numerous technical aspects, were taken into account. 

Another challenge for the Berlin-based project team was integrating the lighting and truss installation as optimally as possible into a studio layout that incorporates non-uniform angles and dimensions. In consultation with the customer, a special solution was realized, creating optimal and flexible illumination for a favorable price-performance ratio. Mr. Redzwan Yahya, General Manager for Broadcast Engineering at Al Hijrah, commented: "The ARRI project team came up with a unique design and very impressive lighting solution for all three of our sets. This, coupled with the flexible truss system, makes our studio stand out when compared to the other TV stations."

With the tagline "Segalanya Bermula di Sini" ("Everything Starts Here"), the free-to-air television station focuses on programs for children, teenagers and adults under the age of 40, featuring content into which strong Islamic values have been embedded. About 60% of Malaysia's 28 million people are ethnic Malay Muslims, giving Al Hijrah a potential audience of nearly 17 million viewers. Offering an extensive range of HD programming, the channel is the first of its kind to be fully-owned by the government.