The right lens for the right job

The right lens for the right job

The ongoing collaboration between ARRI and ZEISS has produced the largest range of optically matched cine lenses that has ever been available to cinematographers. Between them, these two prestigious companies have over 250 years worth of experience in their respective fields - ARRI’s unique camera expertise combining with the unrivalled optical excellence of ZEISS to create lenses that continually raise optical precision and camera integration to new heights.

By pushing the limits of design and manufacture, ARRI and ZEISS have produced optics that even five years ago would have been technologically impossible. From entire lens series to unique specialty lenses, the ARRI/ZEISS line-up offers staggering choice as well as dependable uniformity of optical performance for 35 mm, 16 mm and digital filmmaking. 

I've got to say that the Master Primes blow me away; they’re just so fantastic.

Extreme wide angle shots made with the new Master Prime 12 or close-ups made with the Master Macro 100 can be intercut with footage shot on existing prime and zoom lenses: it will all have the same color balance, even illumination and high resolution.


With over two trillion different possible combinations of the ARRI/ZEISS lenses that are currently available for sale – all of them matched – rental houses and cameramen can build an inventory suited to their individual needs without sacrificing optical consistency.


While many lenses in the ARRI/ZEISS range predate the latest generation of digital cameras, their innovative design and exceptional precision mean they remain at the cutting edge of lens technology - the perfect choice for both film and digital productions. “The trend from analog film to digital recording technology creates broader requirements for high-end cine lenses than before,” notes Umberto Liberatore, Cine Lenses Product Manager at ZEISS. “Due to the high optical performance of ARRI/ZEISS lenses, they represent the optimum solution for both digital and analog cinematography, and provide far more flexibility for a customer’s investment.”


The recent explosion of the 3D market has increased the need for lenses of the same focal length to perform as identically as possible. Fortunately, the exacting standards of precision and quality embodied in ARRI/ZEISS lenses put them ahead of the competition in this regard. “The latest optical and mechanical designs, innovative and proven manufacturing techniques, and outstanding measuring technologies enable us to achieve consistency of quality and performance across our complete range of lens families,” says Liberatore. “Therefore ARRI/ZEISS lenses are perfectly prepared for 3D applications and for even more stringent requirements they can be specially matched.” 

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  • Ultra 16 Lenses
  • Master Macro 100
  • Master Primes
  • Compact Primes
  • Ultra Primes
  • Ultra Prime 8R
  • Lightweight Zoom LWZ-1
  • Master Diopters