ALEXA shoots first 3D music video

ALEXA shoots first 3D music video

Toronto-based production company Stereo3D Unlimited recently shot and released the stereoscopic 3D music video SHAKE THE APPLE by Ariana Gillis on YouTube 3D and Vimeo. The four-minute video was shot at Stereo3D Unlimited's studio in Toronto using two ALEXA cameras, Master Prime lenses, the Stereo3D Tango beam-splitter rig, and Dashwood Cinema Solutions's Stereo3D Live™ calibration/analysis software. Post was completed in Final Cut Pro and After Effects with Dashwood Cinema Solutions' Stereo3D Toolbox™.

"What started as a simple stereoscopic test of the new ARRI ALEXA cameras turned into a fully-fledged 3D music video that we are very proud of," says Tim Dashwood, owner/CTO of Stereo3D Unlimited and founder of Dashwood Cinema Solutions. "The ALEXA cameras performed exactly as advertised and held perfect sync when tethered together for stereoscopic 3D."

When the rare opportunity of two ALEXA cameras being available on the same day arose, Dashwood jumped at the chance to shoot a 3D test. He had originally just intended to evaluate ALEXA's ability to work in a stereoscopic configuration on the Stereo3D Tango rig and also test the camera's latitude in various lighting setups. Zeiss provided 18mm and 35mm Master Primes, PS Toronto provided grip, electric and camera support, 3D Camera Company provided the Stereo3D Tango rig, JVC Canada provided their IF-2D3D1 stereoscopic processor and ARRI Canada sourced the two ALEXAs.

"We only had one afternoon available to shoot, so I borrowed some random set pieces and props from other productions, whatever was available, and we set out to light each one in a different style and T-stop," says Dashwood. "It occurred to me that it would be interesting to have a model walk from set to set without changing the camera exposure and see how it reacted in LogC mode…all in one take. This meant one continuous tracking shot, from a string of tiny Christmas lights, to greenscreen, to outside. I rang up Ariana to see if she would perform a new song for us just to make our test more interesting to watch. The whole crew reacted so positively when we played back the dailies that I figured we should upload it to YouTube and Vimeo to share it with the world."

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Even though the entire production was improvised and photographed in one afternoon, the versatility and simplicity of ALEXA kept things on track. "I think the speed at which we shot and posted this music video proves what an impact the ALEXA will have on the industry, especially for 3D," comments Paul Rapovski, co-owner and producing partner at Stereo3D Unlimited. "We knew the ALEXA would be good, but after this test it has become our number one camera of choice for all future stereoscopic productions."