AMIRA Workflow

Creating Video Dailies

If Log C files are not supported by your editing tools or if you need smaller, or differently encoded files, like DNxHD 36, to be able to manage editorial, you need to create video dailies from the Log C footage.

Dailies/Offline Workflow

In a dailies tool, the Log C footage needs to be converted to Rec 709 video and output as video dailies files, keeping the same file names, file structure and timecode information, as used by the camera. Next, you'll create your edit and save it as AAF or EDL file. The edit is then brought into a mastering tool, which will conform the edit from the original footage.

DaVinci Resolve Lite is a popular tool that can be used for this workflow. You can use it for dailies, color grading and mastering of your project. However, Resolve currently does not read the look information/3D LUT and CDL from AMIRA footage. You can, however, export the look from AMIRA Log C files with the AMIRA Color Tool. Also see our downloads page for more information on this workflow.

Colorfront Express Dailes is another very capable choice for creating dailies and other deliverables. It is one of the first tools to fully support the AMIRA look files (CDL  + 3D LUT).