AMIRA Workflow

Custom 3D LUTs

A grading tool offers CDL and VPL adjustments and more, but also with higher precision. To name a few examples, a color grading tool can shape curves (e.g. tone map curves) in a way that cannot be expressed with simple look parameters. The ability to pick and completely alter key colors, by far, exceeds the possibilities of the saturation by hue adjustments.

Creating a Look for the AMIRA
In the grading system, the image path leads through these steps:

  1. 1) Load Log C footage.
  2. 2) Apply creative color grading.
  3. 3) Apply Log C to output color space conversion (Rec 709 video, DCI P3 or other).
  4. 4) Show resulting look on a reference monitor.
  5. 5) Export the look for the AMIRA as a concatenated 3D LUT, including steps 2 and 3.

A good line of action is to include one of our default Log C to Rec 709 video 3D LUTs as an output LUT in the grade. This is not a requirement, but it ensures that your color grade starts from a neutral, color-correct output image. A default LUT could be generated with our online ARRI LUT Generator.

Remember: The default rendering 3D LUT performs a tone mapping and a gamut mapping.

An 3D LUT should be exported as 16bit 33x33x33 RGB cube. In the AMIRA Color Tool, you'll then import the custom 3D LUT and save it in the AMIRA Look File format.