NFL Films catches AMIRA

NFL Films catches AMIRA

The New York Times recently profiled National Football League (NFL) Films' transition to digital. The award-winning production company will shoot regular-season and postseason games on the ARRI AMIRA. NFL Films evaluated a variety of cameras before purchasing a total of 30 AMIRAs. The documentary-style camera is optimized for handheld, single operation with the ability to shoot up to 200 frames per second.

From capturing bone-crushing tackles to the ballet-like grace of a wide receiver, NFL Films has won over 100 Sports Emmys. The team of shooters, sound mixers, editors and more, continually elevate sports cinematography into emotionally engaging content. Reporter Richard Sandomir of the New York Times writes:

"For 50 years, NFL Films has built its reputation by immersing viewers in a cinematic experience unlike watching games on television. Spiraling footballs, muddy linemen battling at the line of scrimmage, wired coaches, leaping receptions and vapor rising from bald heads looked like Hollywood movies, especially when augmented with martial music and over-the-top narration by baritone voices…"

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