Out and about in Berlin

Out and about in Berlin

Cinematographer Stijn Van der Veken, SBC test drove an ALEXA prototype all over Berlin. So what was his verdict?

"I am used to shooting on film and on digital, and recently flew from Brussels to Berlin, at ARRI's invitation, to shoot some test footage with an ALEXA prototype.

This is a fantastically small and lightweight camera.

I fully expected it to be a wonderful camera, knowing ARRI wouldn't settle for anything less. However, after a few hours shooting, I was absolutely amazed by the incredible exposure latitude, both in the highlights and the shadows. This is a fantastically small and lightweight camera that works extremely well on the shoulder with great ergonomics and a typical ARRI user interface. There is no delay on the viewfinder and the viewfinder image is superb.

On the Saturday morning we went to ARRI Schwarzfilm, an ARRI postproduction house in Berlin, and ingested the pictures into the Lustre suite. The highlight exposure was excellent; I was very impressed. We had shot some material at night and in the street lights you could actually see the light bulbs and the structure of the lamp housing. With other digital cameras that whole area would have been blown out.

Out of focus, blurry middle-grey parts of the image are always a challenge for digital cameras, but the ALEXA renders them perfectly. High contrast contours are also very difficult for digital cameras and they usually show some sort of artifact. With the ALEXA, there are no artifacts at all, even in these difficult areas."

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