Low light and fashion

Low light and fashion

Cinematographer Tom Faehrmann was given the opportunity to test an ALEXA prototype in two very different shooting environments. This is what he had to say:

ALEXA handles very much like a typical ARRI camera.

"I recently had the chance to shoot a number of tests with an ALEXA prototype. We shot various subjects in order to see how the camera would behave in different situations. First, we filmed a violin maker at work in a small town close to Neuschwanstein. We arrived with a truck full of lighting equipment, but ended up shooting with only what we found in his workshop: two 100 W desk lamps. Since ALEXA has a true and completely noise free ISO of 800, the light we captured looks natural and authentic. 

ALEXA is the first digital camera with a dynamic range that is equivalent to film, while it is far better than analog systems in terms of 'fine grain' - all this in a camera body that is the size of a 16 mm camera. ALEXA handles very much like a typical ARRI camera: it feels solid, well made and everything is exactly where I would expect it to be.

ALEXA: Models

Tom Faehrmann takes ALEXA out again, this time to the set of a still photography fashion shoot by cinematographer and photographer Oliver Maier.

For the second test shoot we visited a friend of mine - cinematographer and photographer Oliver Maier - at the Goldberg Studios during a fashion shoot. I was curious about how ALEXA would handle skin tones. In the past I have not been very happy with the way that digital cameras handle this, but the ALEXA maintained even the finest details while producing absolutely convincing skin tones.


I am very enthusiastic about the images from ALEXA: finally a digital image that is capable of reproducing organic structures in an adequate fashion! This is a significant step for the use of digital cameras in high end feature film productions."



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