ALEXA lands in Japan

ALEXA lands in Japan

NAC Image Technology Inc., an official distributor of ARRI products in Japan, recently welcomed ALEXA to the Land of the Rising Sun with an open house event held at its premises in Tokyo.

Interest in the ALEXA digital camera system has been high in Japan since its launch at IBC last year, so attendance was strong, with some 470 industry professionals flocking to the event over a two-day period. Two representatives from ARRI, Managing Director Franz Kraus and Paul Ivan, Manager for Business Development in Asia, led the presentations and introduced ALEXA to an eager audience. 

The speakers from ARRI explained the development concept for ALEXA in detail and gave an overview of its main features. A showreel of material already shot with ALEXA illustrated the camera's extraordinary image quality and a hands-on demonstration of the Shoot > Edit feature revealed the system's easy and varied workflow options. The overwhelming response from those at the event was positive, with many expressing amazement at the sensitivity and dynamic range apparent in the showreel footage, as well as approval of ALEXA's robustness, image quality, workflows and future proof design.  

"ALEXA definitely offers great flexibility in how one can work," commented attending DoP Souhei Tanikawa. "You can take the camera anywhere, in a minimal configuration, when you shoot with the on-board SxS cards. And you still have the option to record in even higher quality using traditional means, which is an attractive feature, as is the ALEXA's compact and lightweight body. From what I saw, the image quality is astonishing, especially in high contrast and twilight situations with significant dark areas; this camera displays wide exposure latitude and extremely low noise."

Osame Maruike, a chairperson of the technical committee of the JSC (Japanese Society of Cinematographers), added, "ALEXA is equipped with innovative features that previous cameras simply did not have, such as wide dynamic range, high sensitivity and efficient workflows. We at the JSC are looking forward to carrying out a comprehensive test shoot with ALEXA, and we already have several television drama jobs planned with it, which is an area we have not entered into much. ALEXA is therefore already expanding our horizons!"  

Besides the ALEXA camera, NAC also used the open house event to showcase other new ARRI products such as the Alura Zooms, Compact Primes, HD-IVS, UMC-3A for 3D applications, True Blue lights, PAX and Caster LED lights and the ARRISCAN Sprocketless Transport, alongside established ARRI products such as the D-21, ARRIFLEX 416, and ARRICAM cameras.