ALEXA SXT Studio Features Overview

  • Optical viewfinder
    • zero delay, artifact-free, natural motion portrayal
    • bright and sharp full color image
    • accurate color fidelity and white balance
    • best way to judge focus
    • easy on the eye
    • works without power
    • compatible with 8x and 10x 435 and 8x ARRICAM eyepieces, extensions and heated eyecups
    • spherical or anamorphic viewing, optic blocks for 2x or 1.3x anamorphic de-squeeze available
    • can be replaced with ALEXA Electronic Viewfinder
  • Rotating Mirror Shutter
    • film-like motion portrayal
    • no rolling shutter artifacts
  • Internal motorized ND filter (ND 1.4)
  • Built-in remote control features
    • real-time wired or wireless remote control of lens and camera
    • plug and play with ARRI Electronic Control System (ECS)
    • compatible with cmotion cvolution lens control systems
  • Additional outputs
    • additional clone of MON OUT 1 (1.5G HD-SDI)
    • a third RS accessory power out
  • Built-in tilt and roll sensors
    • for electronic horizon in viewfinder and metadata
    • stored in metadata


Optical Viewfinder

An optical viewfinder offers the most comfortable, accurate and efficient operating experience by showing a bright and sharp full color image through the taking lens. Since they exhibit no motion blur, judging focus during movement is easy, which can save hours of aggravation and re-takes. 

With electronic viewfinders, the image from the imaging sensor always needs processing before it can be displayed in the viewfinder, resulting in a delay that is under one frame with the ARRI electronic viewfinder EVF-1 and that can be up to multiple frames with other electronic viewfinders. A delay of multiple frames can be especially confusing when shooting music videos or remotely operating on a crane. 

Optical viewfinders show natural motion portrayal, accurate color fidelity and proper white balance, i.e. that of the scene. Operators see exactly what is happening as it happens and experience less eye fatigue. Cinematographers appreciate the ability to judge lighting through the viewfinder and to work with the camera even when it is powered down since choosing lenses, blocking, setting up shots, pre-lighting or rehearsing before the camera is powered up can save precious time on the set. For those situations, where the image is simply too dark for the optical viewfinder to see, the ALEXA XT Studio can be quickly equipped with the ARRI electronic viewfinder EVF-1. 

Rotating Mirror Shutter

A mirror shutter is a mirror, located at an angle in front of the sensor, that continuously rotates. Half the time it reflects light up into the optical viewfinder and the other half it lets light fall onto the sensor. Thereby the mirror shutter makes the optical viewfinder possible and determines the exposure. The advantage of a mirror shutter is two-fold: on the one hand it does not exhibit the rolling shutter artifact of electronic shutters, and on the other it provides a natural motion portrayal that is exactly as it was with film cameras. 

For a detailed discussion of the differences between an electronic shutter and an optical shutter, read the white paper here

Motorized ND Filter

A sealed sliding mechanism places either an optical clear or an ND 1.3 filter (4.3 stops) behind the mirror shutter in front of the sensor. The ND 1.3 ensures a bright image in the optical viewfinder while only attenuating the light hitting the sensor.

Built-in Remote Control Features

With its built-in radio and lens motor electronics, the ALEXA SXT Plus makes working on set faster and more efficient. Plug the ARRI lens motors directly into the camera, turn on the wireless hand unit (like the WCU-4) and off you go. Integrating the wireless and lens control infrastructure into the camera not only saves time, but also weight, as a setup with an ALEXA SXT EV and an external motor control box would be more cumbersome to cable and heavier in sum. Compatibility with the ARRI hand units, like the WCU-4, as well as with the cmotion hand units makes this a supremely flexible tool.