Archiv-Technologien Showreel For feature film scanning as well as in a wide range of commercials, film restoration and in digital dailies applications, more than 100 ARRISCANs are in use worldwide. Constant evolution since it’s introduction in 2004 has made the ARRISCAN the futureproof investment in film digitizing.
Application Videos
Trailer restoration of MANIA Starring the legendary Polish silent screen actress Pola Negri, MANIA is a 1918 German-produced film that has recently been restored using ARRISCAN archive tools as part of the Polish National Film Archive's Nitrofilm project.
Digitization of MANIA Specialists at Filmoteka Narodowa - the Polish National Film Archive - use the ARRISCAN Wet Gate to clean and digitize a rare and delicate print of the 1918 silent film MANIA.
Production Videos
IBC 2017: The latest news on ARRISCAN XT Sales Manager Archive Technologies Thilo Gottschling introduces the latest news on ARRISCAN XT.
HIROSHIMA MON AMOUR trailer A 4K restoration of Alain Resnais's classic 1959 film HIROSHIMA MON AMOUR was undertaken in 2013 at the Italian restoration lab L'Immagine Ritrovata, where an ARRISCAN and ARRI archive tools were used for the delicate task of scanning the original camera negative.
Trailer ENSÉÑAME A BESAR Renovating its facilities to allow restoration work on vulnerable historic films, Cineteca Nacional in Mexico City recently installed an ARRISCAN scanner and archive accessories, which have already been put to use on 100-year-old nitrate footage of the Mexican Revolution, and this trailer of a lost Mexican film, ENSÉÑAME A BESAR.
Press conference on ARRI DI and archive systems Elfi Kerscher, ARRI Product Manager DI Systems, gives an update on ARRISCAN archive and restoration technologies.
HS-ART DustBuster Franz Heller showcases the HS-ART DustBuster, which can be combined with ARRISCAN archive technologies on restoration projects.
ARRISCAN archive solutions and Wet Gate drying system Used by leading film archives and collections all over the world, the ARRISCAN archive tools are presented by Sibylle Maier. Sibylle also unveils the new secondary drying system for the ARRISCAN, which significantly increases the speed of Wet Gate scans.
ARRISCAN archive developments Product Manager David Bermbach presents a series of ARRISCAN film scanner accessories and tools that have been designed specifically for the rapidly expanding archive and restoration market. Designed in collaboration with leading industry experts, these tools allow even the oldest, most fragile and damaged film materials to be digitized and preserved.
ARRILASER 2 Roman Gadner displays the new ARRILaser 2 and the accompanying software on the ARRI booth at this year's IBC in Amsterdam.