26 Sep 2016

ARRI’s continuous, tuneable LED lighting for still photography

(photokina 2016, Köln Germany) – ARRI is reentering the still photography market and showcasing continuous and fully tuneable LED soft and Fresnel lights in a photo studio setting at their photokina booth. This gives all visitors the opportunity to experience the lights in a realistic studio environment.

With deep roots in the film and TV market, ARRI understands the needs of image capture with continuous light sources. ARRI’s tuneable LED solutions have generated huge interest from professional still photographers all around the world after receiving the “Lucie” Technology Award for Best Newcomer LED solution. With positive feedback from professional photographers, ARRI was encouraged to bring its versatile and robust LED products into the professional photography market.

The focus of ARRI’s booth at photokina is clearly on its LED products, namely the L-Series line of LED Fresnels and the SkyPanel family of LED soft lights.

The L-Series is the first LED fixture to truly incorporate the Fresnel characteristics of a continuous, focusable beam from spot to flood and a smooth, homogenous light field. Taking full advantage of LED technology, the L-Series allows for complete control over the color and intensity of light. Light emitted from the L-Series fixtures is specifically calibrated for optimal image capture, ensuring pleasing skin tones and vividly rendered colors. Constructed to be robust and ergonomic, the L-Series meets the quality and design standard for which ARRI is known.

At the heart of the L-Series are a few core concepts: tuneability, color fidelity, high build quality and ease of use. Three simple knobs permit the brightness, color temperature and green/magenta point to be fine-tuned, while a focus knob on the side of each fixture allows for smooth adjustment of the beam spread, just like conventional sources.

SkyPanel is a compact, ultra-bright and high-quality LED soft light that sets a new standard for the industry. With a design focused on form, color, beam field and output, SkyPanel represents the culmination of more than a decade of research and development of LED technology at ARRI.

Incorporating features of ARRI’s successful L-Series LED Fresnels, SkyPanel is one of the most versatile soft lights on the market, as well as one of the brightest. Like the L-Series, SkyPanel ‘C’ (Color) versions are fully tuneable; correlated color temperature is adjustable between 2,800 K and 10,000 K, with excellent color rendition over the entire range. Full plus and minus green correction can be achieved with the simple turn of a knob, and in addition to CCT control, vivid color selection and saturation adjustment is also possible.

The combination of the curated selection of diffusion panels, LED mixing chamber and large light aperture allows the light to wrap around objects, eliminating sharp shadows and making for a perfect beauty light. The beam field is homogeneous in both color and intensity.

Released alongside the SkyPanels are all the accessories needed for sculpting and controlling the light. Among these accessories are honeycombs, eggcrates, barndoors, diffusion panels, the SkyBender and a new fabric barndoor for the S120 called the FlexDoor. This wide range of accessories makes the SkyPanel more versatile and easier to control.

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About ARRI:

With headquarters located in Munich, Germany, ARRI was founded in 1917 and is the world's leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of motion picture camera, digital intermediate (DI) and lighting equipment. The ARRI Group comprises a global network of subsidiaries and partners covering every facet of the film industry, including worldwide camera, grip and lighting equipment hire through ARRI Rental; turnkey lighting solutions through the ARRI System Group; and film production, postproduction, digital lab services, visual effects and distribution through ARRI Media. In 2013 ARRI Medical was founded to utilize ARRI’s core imaging technology and expertise for medical applications.

Manufactured products include the ALEXA 65, ALEXA SXT, ALEXA Mini and AMIRA cameras; Master Anamorphic lenses; SkyPanel, L-Series and M-Series lights; Pro Camera Accessories and the Electronic Control System; ARRILASER recorder and ARRISCAN Archive Technologies; TRINITY camera stabilization system; and ARRISCOPE 3D digital surgical microscope. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has recognized ARRI’s engineers and their contributions to the industry with 18 Scientific and Technical Awards.

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