New Pro Camera Accessories

ARRI introduces new tools to its popular and versatile range of Pro Camera Accessories, expanding functionality and extending compatibility to even more third-party cameras, including Sony's PXW-FS7 and Panasonic's VariCam 35/HS.

The extensive and rapidly growing range of Pro Camera Accessories makes the legendary precision and durability of ARRI matte boxes, follow focus units and support systems available to users of small form factor cameras. By working closely with both end users and manufacturers, ARRI is able to quickly produce professional-quality accessories for the latest models to be released.

Studio Matte Box SMB-2
Following the success of the Studio Matte Box SMB-1, ARRI introduces the smaller SMB-2. Optimized for 4" x 5.65" filters positioned either vertically or horizontally, the SMB-2 suits most prime lenses and smaller zooms. When recording a standard 2.8K image with ALEXA and using a 3-filter stage configuration, the SMB-2 covers lenses up to the 14 mm Master Prime and 14 mm Ultra Prime, as well as all Alura zooms.

The SMB-2 Tilt features an integrated tilt module that counteracts reflections and all versions benefit from stackable filter stages, allowing quick reconfiguration. For anamorphic filming the 4:3 spherical sunshade and accessories can be replaced with a separately available anamorphic conversion set, comprising a 2:1 ratio sunshade, side flags and mattes.

ARRI's Pro Camera Accessories for the Sony PXW-FS7 give it the rugged functionality required on professional film sets. With a built-in 15 mm rod console, the ARRI Plate for FS7 is compatible with standard studio bridge plates and VCT-style tripod adapters. Sturdy extended rosettes fit Sony's telescopic handgrip as well as all other rosette-based handgrips, and the ergonomic shoulder pad can remain in place for both handheld and tripod shooting.

Compatible with the Plate for FS7, the ARRI Lens Adapter Support LAS-1 equips a wide range of third-party PL and EF mount lens adapters with pillar support. It also supports special optical adapters such as the Metabones Speed Booster.

The ARRI Top Plate for FS7 can accommodate an ALEXA or Sony top handle and features numerous threaded interfaces, two focus hooks and an optically-centered console, while the ARRI Viewfinder Bracket for FS7 offers unrivalled adjustment range and sturdiness.

ARRI PCA for Panasonic VariCam 35/HS
The Pro Camera Accessories for VariCam 35/HS equip these two Panasonic cameras for classic rental environments, offering compatibility with most industry-standard accessories and swift transitions between handheld and tripod operation. ARRI's Plate for VariCam 35/HS provides 15 mm rod support and has a wide footprint for reassuring stability on a worktop. It is compatible with industry-standard studio bridge plates and, with the supplied wedge adapter, VCT-style tripod adapters. The built-in extended rosettes fit all rosette-based handgrips and handgrip extensions, while the broad shoulder pad makes the camera comfortable to operate handheld, even in studio configuration.

Featuring multiple accessory interfaces, the ARRI Top/Side Plate for VariCam 35/HS also includes sensor plane focus hooks and a 15 mm single rod console for streamlined low-mode setups. The VariCam control panel bracket can be fitted to the top of the plate for right-side operation.