ALEXA at VOTF workshop in Belgium

On October 19th, the Belgian professional federation of audiovisual companies, VOTF, invited ARRI to Brussels for a hands-on demonstration of the ARRI ALEXA digital camera. The workshop took place at the facilities of Wim Robberechts & Co, a production company that specializes in aerial filming and that offers a gyrostabilized platform for aerial work with ALEXA.

Wim Robberechts, owner of the company and president of the VOTF, gathered over 40 members to step behind the viewfinder and get to grips with ALEXA. The attendees' questions were answered by Oliver Temmler, Digital Workflow Solutions, ARRI; Matthias Klein, Sales Manager Camera, ARRI; Gert Bauwens, ARRI dealer, ES Broadcast & Media, who kindly provided an ALEXA; and Jean-Louis Gerdom of Gerdom Ingénieurs, who was showcasing a super high speed camera from Photron.

ALEXA was placed in a set which featured a young lady with a black jacket in front of a black backdrop. The set also incorporated a table with silver chandeliers, a clear light bulb and a color checker target, as well as various light sources that could be individually dimmed or turned off altogether to allow assessment of the camera's low light performance.

Wim Robberechts wrapped up the evening by presenting a small workshop himself – on his father's ARRIFLEX 35 IIB, which has exactly one switch: on and off!