ARRI LED lights at the movies

ARRI LED lights at the movies

The latest ARRI LED fixtures have been put to use at the Kinokultur film event (KinoKulturWoche), which was held between the 5th and 14th of July in Rosenheim, Germany. For the second year running an open-air cinema was created, but this time the event was lit up purely by ARRI LED lights. 

Every evening, up to 1,000 people gathered for the free open-air screenings on the illuminated Salzstadel Square in Rosenheim. Over the course of the event they had the opportunity to watch a great variety of art house films from recent years, including THE ARTIST, THE KING'S SPEECH and the Golden Globe-nominated French comedy THE INTOUCHABLES. 

ARRI has supported the Kinokultur film event since it started last year, although in 2012 only tungsten lampheads were used: ARRI 300 Plus, ARRI 650 Plus and ARRI 1000 Plus. This year, audiences could enjoy the features of LED technology: ARRI L7-C LED Fresnels were used for background and architectural lighting, while ARRI LoCasters provided general lighting and highlights for trees. The color adjustment function of the L7-C created a very special atmosphere; different colors were used every evening to light up the square. The LED lights were controlled via a DMX console (for color mixing and dimming) and added a full palette of color to the surrounding buildings and trees. 

Bastian Schröger, one of the organizers from the Kinokultur Club, commented, "The Kinokultur film event was a great success this year. The weather was perfect and we screened high quality films to the best audiences we could wish for. The whole crew from Kinokultur Club was like a family and we had a great time together. Many participants told us that they enjoyed the variety of movies shown and are already looking forward to coming back again next year."

The Kinokultur Club in Rosenheim is an independent non-profit organization and the members are volunteers. In addition to the Kinokultur open-air cinema, it organizes other admission-free location events across Germany. The club owns a 40 year-old Volkswagen fire truck, an analog 35 mm projector, screens of various sizes and a popcorn machine. ARRI is happy to lend its support.