Tech Talk - Broadcast and cine baseplates on Sony PMW F5/F55 The different concepts behind the bridge plate compatible cine base plate and the quick-release broadcast plate for the Sony F5 and F55.
ARRI PCA for SONY PMW F5/F55 Feature Tour
IBC 2013: PCA developments Philip Vischer talks us through the latest camera-independent accessories from ARRI, including re-designed bottom plates and adapters for popular third-party cameras.
MFF-2 Focus Reverse A brief tutorial on how to reverse the focus action on the Mini Follow Focus MFF-2.
MFF-2 Hard Stop Setting The way to set hard stops on the Mini Follow Focus MFF-2.
NAB 2013: ARRI Pro Camera Accessories Learn about ARRI's new PCA offerings like the Lightweight Matte Box LMB-6, base plate, Camera Cage System II and more.
NAB 2013 ARRI Stage: DEXTER Camera Operator Eric Fletcher, SOC on ALEXA Camera operator Eric Fletcher shares his experiences working on DEXTER and how ALEXA -- along with ARRI Pro Camera Accessories --help him capture this award-winning show.
Pro Accessories for Sony F5 and F55 ARRI recently introduced a set of Pro Camera Accessories (PCA) specially designed for the Sony F5 and F55 cameras. The Pro Set for the F5/55 is a full set of accessories for a lightweight build and includes an Adapter Plate, 15mm Support Rods, a shoulder pad, top plate, camera handle, viewfinder adapter and a viewfinder plug protection. 
ARRI Studio Follow Focus FF-5 System