The MAXIMA handled the ALEXA 65 like no other gimbal system can – it was rock-solid, and it made a few jaws drop on set. The MAXIMA is a must-have for me.

From extreme wind conditions, to being pulled and pushed on a rickshaw through a small spacecraft at full speed, the MAXIMA has risen to every challenge. Heads where turned and the image was spot on.

The SRH-3 is definitely another step in the right direction – just like the MAXIMA and the TRINTIY, it’s robust and very user friendly. The stabilization is particularly good, and it holds the horizon rock solid. You always have good control of the image, whether you are using the joystick, or the wheels. It’s a premium product.

TRINITY gives directors and cinematographers new ways to tell stories. In my many years as a steadicam operator I have had to work with limits to my movements - TRINITY has freed me from those limits. It gives me a smooth, seamless and natural feeling, and every shoot is unique - even after a year I discover new combinations of movement every time I use it.

The MAXIMA is easy to handle, you can change the setup so quickly and shots are totally stable… it’s a really reliable tool.

Trinity is an amazingly liberating tool. You can slide in at whatever angle works and get the camera into some pretty incredible places in a fluid way.

I'm in love with the TRINITY. Since doing La La Land, I have felt less enthusiastic about working Steadicam®, but now with TRINITY, it's like I get to start all over again. TRINITY has renewed my faith in the tools we harness.

The TRINITY’s ability to ‘crane’ up and down, and its ability to push-in or pull-out over objects, has opened up a multitude of artistic options for me. It’s my new paint brush - I’m excited to continue the exploration.

As a Steadicam operator and technician I am trying to stay on top of the newest technology. That is what the Trinity is, and I knew that with the ARRI name behind it, the future of the system was assured. For me the purchase of the Trinity was also a ‘marketing move’ - I want to be known as ‘the guy who has the cool, cutting edge stuff’.

The TRINITY allows me to move the camera in such an unrestricted and beautifully elegant way, like no other body-mounted stabilization system could do.

TRINITY feels like an intuitive piece of gear from the first time I used it. I can't believe this ingenious design hasn't existed until now.