AMIRA Workflow

Compact and Fast - CFast

CFast 2.0 cards are small, fast and durable recording media that offer a decent storage capacity at competitive pricing. With a write speed of over 330 MB/s, we can use CFast 2.0 cards to record 2K ProRes 4444 at up to 200 fps or UHD ProRes 4444 at up to 60fps directly in the camera.

ARRI Qualification Testing
ARRI cameras present very demanding technical requirements on the media that will be used to record the footage in terms of the sustainable write speed, response time, and robustness against power failures during recording. Before recording media can be considered to be supported in our cameras, they have to complete a two-stage qualification test on the card manufacturer's site and at ARRI Cine Technik R&D.
Once cards are supported, they again have to pass a release test matrix, each time a new camera SUP is released.

Before the cards leave our warehouse, they are looked over in a final product test. Only the cards that have passed receive the "Tested by ARRI” label and are shipped. The label indicates that the card series complies with our requirements, is supported and that a card has been verified to be compatible with ARRI cameras.

Supported Media
ARRI is an active member of the CompactFlash Association. Starting with the development of the CFast 2.0 specification, we worked with SanDisk and Lexar on the support of their cards

Please click on Supported Recording Media on the right, to find an overview of the currently supported media. Cards that are not on this list, or mentioned to be not supported, will be rejected by the camera ('Card invalid').
You can also find a list of the supported cards in SUP release notes.

Note: CFast 2.0 cards have the same dimensions as the slower Compact Flash (CF) cards, but are incompatible due to a new and more robust connector and a different memory architecture.